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Before we jump into this week’s picks, let’s check out how everyone is doing so far.


Last Week


Win %

Kyle Lang 2-2-1 9-5-1 63%
Jake Anderson 2-2-1 8-6-1 57%
Chris Ross 2-3-0 8-7-0 53%
Tracy Guest 3-2-0 7-7-1 50%
Matt Turney 2-3-0 6-8-1 43%
Landon Wilson 3-2-0 6-9-0 40%
Robert Spradley 1-2-2 4-9-2 33%


It could be worse, right? Kyle is riding high from his week one 5-0-0, while Tracy has battled all the way back to even. Maybe, just maybe we aren’t too terrible at this. Although, it’s still early in the season yet, so there’s plenty of time for everyone to grenade themselves.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Kyle Lang

  • Texas A&M -7 (vs Arkansas)
  • Texas Tech +6.5 (vs TCU)
  • Georgia Tech -7.5 (at Duke)
  • Louisiana Tech -14 (vs Florida International)
  • Notre Dame -29 (vs Massachusetts)

The TCU at Texas Tech game has upset written all over it. The Red Raider’s offense has the fire power to keep up with the Horned Frogs, but unfortunately for TCU their defense is limping into this game. Jones AT&T Stadium is always a hard place to play, but for this game the fans will want revenge for last year’s blowout in Fort Worth and it might prove to be too much for TCU.

Jake Anderson

  • Texas A&M -7 (vs Arkansas)
  • Wisconsin -24.5 (vs Hawaii)
  • Boston College -4.5 (vs Northern Illinois)
  • Georgia Tech -7.5 (at Duke)
  • Maryland +16.5 (at West Virginia)

Maryland is not a good team and West Virginia looks rock solid, but this line is just too rich for my blood. Maryland, even with their numerous flaws, is a big step up in competition from Georgia Southern and Liberty. Still, WVU strolls through this one with an eye toward conference play. Look for a late touchdown or two for the Terps to bring this one under the line.

Chris Ross

  • Central Michigan +26.5 (at Michigan State)
  • Baylor -34 (vs Rice)
  • West Virginia -16.5 (vs Maryland)
  • Kansas +14 (at Rutgers)
  • Wisconsin -24.5 (vs Hawaii)

I’m going with three Big 12 teams this week. Hey, it’s what I know, or at least what I think I know. I think we see some of that week one fight out of the Jayhawks, and Baylor is just itching to light someone up. Sorry Rice. I also think this week could be the Mountaineers coming out party, so I’ll happily give 16.5 to Maryland.

Tracy Guest

  • Stanford -16 (at Oregon State)
  • Duke +7.5 (vs Georgia Tech)
  • Texas A&M -7 (vs Arkansas)
  • Auburn -3 (vs Mississippi State)
  • West Virginia -16.5  (vs Maryland)

West Virginia’s offense has not missed a beat with their new QB, and Dana Holgorsen has said that this is the best defensive units he’s had. Not good news for the Terrapins, who are bringing a struggling offense to Morgantown. I like WVU in this one.

Matt Turney

  • BYU +6.5 (at Michigan)
  • Texas A&M -7 (vs Arkansas)
  • USC -5.5 (at Arizona State)
  • Washington +3 (vs California)
  • Oklahoma State -3 (at Texas)

The comeback and shanked PAT was dramatic, but that doesn’t change the fact that Cal took their foot off the gas and nearly blew that game. Mason Rudolph has been quietly getting better every week but, because of the ridiculous numbers being put up in the Big 12 right now, he hasn’t received much attention. This is the game he’s been waiting for, and he won’t disappoint. Pokes win big and dreams are crushed (again) in Austin.

Landon Wilson

  • Arizona +3 (vs UCLA)
  • Oklahoma State -3 (at Texas)
  • California -3 (at Washington)
  • Duke +7.5 (vs Georgia Tech)
  • Florida +1 (vs Tennessee)

Oklahoma State is finally starting to hit their stride as they roll into Austin. Texas looks like they found their starting quarterback but he’s going from playing a non existent secondary in Cal, to an experienced secondary in Oklahoma State. It will be close but the Cowboys escape by a touchdown.

Robert Spradley

  • Texas +3 (vs Oklahoma State)
  • California -3 (at Washington)
  • Texas A&M -7 (vs Arkansas)
  • New Mexico -3.5 (at Wyoming)
  • Georgia Southern -16 (at Idaho)

Texas has faced explosive offense after explosive offense while Oklahoma State has yet to truly be tested. This matchup has shootout written all over it and I’ll take this game to be as close as close comes.


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