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Tony Buzbee, a Texas A&M regent, wants to see the Aggies put the Texas Longhorns back on the schedule. Not to renew the rivalry though, but because A&M needs some easier opponents to play before they get into their tough SEC schedule.

“I am going to advocate that the Aggies play Texas again in the near future. Because of our brutal SEC West schedule, where we play the likes of Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, etc., the Aggies need some cupcake games to rest and heal,” Buzbee said. “In my view, Texas is just as weak if not weaker than the non-conference games we play, so we may as well play them.”

Yikes, the Aggies non-conference schedule includes Ball State and FCS school, Western Carolina. Troll on Mr. Buzbee. Troll on.

At this point you would think a Big 12 team would be the last thing a SEC school would want on their schedule. Texas Tech put the Razorbacks in their place (who A&M needed overtime to squeak by), and Oklahoma toyed with Tennessee’s emotions as they left Knoxville with a win.

It’s not like A&M saw much success when they were playing the rivalry either. The Aggies would have to win the next 32 years straight just to get to .500 in the series. Let a few years go by though, and it’s amazing what kind of pain someone can block from their memory. Pain like the Longhorns whipping the Aggies 27-25 the last time the two schools met. Scoreboard Mr. Buzbee, scoreboard.

Buzbee did get one thing right though, after going 8-5 last season, A&M definitely needs an easier schedule.


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