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Beat The Bookie: Week 5 Picks

We’ve made our week 5 picks. As always, you’d be best served to avoid taking them. Although, this hasn’t gone quite as bad as I thought it could.



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Before we jump into this week’s picks, let’s check out how everyone is doing so far.

Matt – Hmm… I clearly suck.

Landon – I started really bad. I am starting to get in the groove now. This week should be interesting. I’m taking a few risks with quarterbacks that are dinged up a bit.

Tracy – I’m obviously not doing too well either.  Picking Stanford and those SEC games has been my downfall.

Welp, don’t say I didn’t warn you all. Although Tracy is selling herself a little short. She did start out terrible, but has since been doing well, and is now above .500.

All things considered though, this hasn’t gone as bad as I feared it could have. There’s still plenty of time left though.


Last Week


Win %

Chris Ross 5-0-0 13-7-0 65%
Kyle Lang 2-2-1 11-7-2 60%
Tracy Guest 3-1-1 10-8-2 55%
Landon Wilson 3-1-1 9-10-1 48%
Robert Spradley 3-0-2 7-9-4 45%
Matt Turney 1-2-2 7-10-3 43%


Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Chris Ross

  • Northwestern -3.5 (vs Minnesota)
  • Houston -7 (at Tulsa)
  • Illinois +6.5 (vs Nebraska)
  • Southern Miss -15.5 (vs North Texas)
  • Iowa State -16.5 (vs Kansas)

Nobody needs a win more than Paul Rhoads. He needs to show the Iowa State brass why he should still be in Ames come 2016. On the other sideline, Kansas. They’re just terrible. Give me the Cyclones minus the points.

Kyle Lang

  • Washington State +17.5 (at California)
  • Missouri -3 (vs South Carolina)
  • East Carolina -6 (at SMU)
  • Michigan -14.5 (at Maryland)
  • Iowa State -16.5 (vs Kansas)

Through their 0-3 start Kansas has lost by an average of 16 points and when they head to Iowa State Saturday I don’t think they’ll find a better result. Paul Rhoads will have his team ready in a game that Iowa State must win if they want any chance at going to a bowl game this season.

Tracy Guest

  • Oklahoma -6.5 (vs West Virginia)
  • Wisconsin -6.5 (vs Iowa)
  • Mississippi -7 (at Florida)
  • Michigan -14.5 (at Maryland)
  • South Carolina +3 (at Missouri)

The West Virginia defense is much improved, but OU has too many weapons for the Mountaineers to handle. I like OU at home.

Landon Wilson

  • Oregon -7.5 (at Colorado)
  • Arizona +14 (at Stanford)
  • Duke -7 (vs Boston College)
  • Oklahoma State -7.5 (vs Kansas State)
  • Texas Tech +17 (at Baylor)

Texas Tech has proved their offense can play time and time again this season. The defense is not what you need to contend for a title but with the offense running wild they should be able to stay within two touchdowns of Baylor.

Robert Spradley

  • Oregon -7.5 (at Colorado)
  • Georgia -2 (vs Alabama)
  • UCLA -13.5 (vs Arizona State)
  • Oklahoma State -7.5 (vs Kansas State)
  • Texas Tech +17 (vs Baylor)

Kansas State has plenty of heart and will most likely keep this game close until the final quarter. However, at that point I expect the Cowboys will have worn the Wildcats down and will walk away as double-digit victors.

Matt Turney

  • Michigan State -21.5 (vs Purdue)
  • Michigan -14.5 (at Maryland)
  • Clemson -1.5 (vs Notre Dame)
  • Mississippi State +6.5 (at TAMU)
  • Texas Tech +17 (vs Baylor)

This is more of a gut-feeling pick. Tech has zero defense but their offense is legit. DeAndre Washington is quietly the second best back in the conference putting up 8.2 yards per carry just behind Linwood. If Mahomes is out then you can throw this one out the window. But, given that he played the entire TCU game, I expect to see him. With him as the QB I’ll pretty much always take a Tech at +17.

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