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Yesterday is was reported that a TCU judiciary committee had cleared TCU football players Mike Tuaua and Andre Petties-Wilson after a September 4th incident left the pair facing robbery charges. They had been allowed to return to practice, but It was unclear if they would see playing time though, since there were still legal proceedings pending.

That hurdle now seems to be cleared though. It’s being reported that the charges against the players have been dropped.

According to the warrant of arrest, the pair allegedly confronted another group of students, beat one of them up, and then made off with their beer.

It would appear that the victim has decided that the case of Keystone Light just isn’t that important. According to his mother, he just wants to put the incident behind him.

There’s no official word whether or not the two will play against Texas on Saturday, but since they’ve already missed three games, I’d be surprised if they missed any more time.


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