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The Texas live mascot, Bevo is a staple on the Longhorns sidelines, but on Saturday, against the Longhorn’s biggest rival, Bevo won’t be there. Texas announced that Bevo XIV is suffering from a life-threatening illness, and is unable to make the trip to Dallas.

“Bevo is a fighter, a symbol of strength and who fans across the world care deeply about,” Ricky Brennes, the executive director of the Silver Spurs Alumni Association, said in a statement released by school officials. “We are carefully monitoring Bevo’s condition at this time and will update the public as we find out more about his condition.”

At this point Longhorn fans have to be wondering what else can go wrong. At 1-4 it’s been a season to forget. The locker room went nuclear this week with a rift between upper and lower classmen playing out on Twitter for all to see, and with Oklahoma a 17-point favorite, it could get worse before it gets better.

However, Bevo XIV’s illness is a reminder. A reminder of the pedigree of Texas. When Bevo XIV took over mascot duties the Longhorns went 25 of 26. He’s seen BCS Bowls and National Championships. Here’s hoping he can kick this illness, and witness the return to glory that we all know is coming.


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