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Hey, maybe we aren’t too bad at this! Well… at least a couple of us.


Last Week


Win %

Chris Ross 5-0-0 18-7-0 72%
Kyle Lang 5-0-0 16-7-2 68%
Tracy Guest 2-3-0 12-11-2 52%
Landon Wilson 1-4-0 10-14-1 42%
Matt Turney 2-3-0 9-13-3 42%
Robert Spradley 1-4-0 8-13-4 40%


For those keeping track, that’s back-to-back 5-0’s for me. That’s crazy, and I need to find some wood to knock on quick! Kyle also went 5-0 last week, so maybe we’re starting to figure this season out! Here’s our picks for week six.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Chris Ross

  • Toledo -15 (vs Kent State)
  • Pittsburgh -9.5 (vs Virginia)
  • Wisconsin +1.5 (at Nebraska)
  • TCU -10 (at Kansas State)
  • Texas Tech -10 (vs Iowa State)

Iowa State is improved, but the Red Raiders are being undersold coming off back-to-back losses against TCU and Baylor. I believe there’s some value there. I also think Kansas State is being oversold. I like TCU to win that one by at least a couple of scores.

Kyle Lang

  • Florida State -9 (vs Miami)
  • Notre Dame -14.5 (vs Navy)
  • Georgia -3 (at Tennessee)
  • Mississippi -45 (vs New Mexico State)
  • Oklahoma -17 (vs Texas)

Texas’ raging dumpster fire of a season has become must see television each and every week, unfortunately people won’t be watching this game to see good football as Oklahoma should put Texas away early.

Tracy Guest

  • Alabama -16.5 (vs Arkansas)
  • Oregon-17 (vs Washington State)
  • Georgia-3 (at Tennessee)
  • Utah -7 (vs California)
  • West Virginia -6.5 (vs Oklahoma State)

I think WVU bounces back this week, even with the Karl Joseph loss, and soundly defeats the Cowboys.

Landon Wilson

  • Minnesota -3 (at Purdue)
  • Illinois +11 (at Iowa)
  • Florida -4.5 (at Missouri)
  • Michigan State -13.5 (at Rutgers)
  • Texas Tech -10 (vs Iowa State)

Tech is going to come out guns blazing because they know they need to get back on track after two tough losses. I expect The Red Raiders to put up a lot of points.

Matt Turney

  • East Carolina +8.5 (at BYU)
  • Washington State +17 (at Oregon)
  • Georgia -3 (at Tennessee)
  • Notre Dame -14 (vs Navy)
  • Oklahoma -17 (vs Texas)

I just can’t pass it up. Blowout…big one. OU’s D showed the damage it can do forcing Howard into FIVE turnovers last week. Just imagine what they’ll do to Heard/Swoopes.


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