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Well, that was quick.  Someone – I think it’s safe to assume it’s a Baylor fan – has marked up TCU property with 61-58 in green spray paint. This comes after vandals defaced Baylor’s statue of RGIII with purple spray paint yesterday evening.

The numbers of course referring to the final score of last year’s game where the Bears stormed back in the second half to pull off one of the greatest come from behind victories in recent memory.

Both schools have released a statement regarding the outbreak of graffiti.

“Baylor and TCU are two outstanding Universities who have great respect for one another, academically and athletically, and it is most disappointing that the actions of a few cast a negative light on a rivalry that dates back more than a century,”Baylor director of athletics Ian McCaw said. “Public safety officials on both campuses are investigating these senseless acts of vandalism and unacceptable behavior.”

“TCU and Baylor are both outstanding institutions and share a proud athletics history,”TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte said. “Both campuses have recently been hit by acts of vandalism directed towards each other. These actions will not be tolerated. We are working closely with Baylor and public safety officials at both Universities on their investigations. We implore all those who are passionate about their school to respect each other and support their Universities in a positive manner.”




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