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Game threads are something special. More often than not the full gauntlet of human emotion is experienced within a few short hours. I wade through the joy, sorrow, excitement, and heartbreak, and select the best comments to tell the story of the game.

In this edition we ride an emotional rollercoaster as the TCU Horned Frogs toyed with EMAW nation. Things start out realistic enough; Wildcat fans have no delusions about their chances in the game. However, as K-State takes a 35-17 lead into halftime, they start to believe. Their belief turns to despair though as the Horned Frogs storm back in the second half and the Wildcats punt away any chance of an upset.

Here’s the best comments from Bring On The Cats. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.


Great kickoff coverage there



Oh you have to be kidding me, already? pathetic.

Game over!!!

About our run defense…

Well that happened.


Pretty much how I pictured this game going

Seems like the Pee Wee league game my kids play in where one team has all the super fast players.

Okay, that’s how you gotta start on offense.

What was the real purpose of that throw??

long con


He’s on fire right now

Looks like he learned a little patience watching Cook last week

God, I love power football!

11 man pile into the endzone… of course its a touchdown.


Nice response boys!

That drive was so Snyderball

We’d be a good rugby team

Tackle people!!


So awful, so very, very awful

The tackling was not good on that kickoff return #FireSeanSnyder

For crying out loud


Oh man, what a freaking catch by Doctson

Not much you can do with that sort of catch

These are legal right?

So, Approx 2 min, approx 150 yards of offense and two TD’s. I HATE TCU

Great effort there by Silmon

Regardless of outcome, the K-State running game is in #MANBALL territory today.

OMG, a reverse!

A reverse… we are up to page 3 of the play book!

Damn, just a bad throw there

Nice kick! Please don’t let it set up a 97-yard run

Great punt, but TCU laughs at our field position game.

What a freaking catch. Why can’t we have one of those receivers on our roster?

Thank god for that hold

Hmm, a stop

Wow, an actual punt from TCU?

I didn’t know they had a punter.

Great throw by Hubener

OHHH what a catch!


Klein is the first and second option for Hubes.

That’s how you burn the blitzing safety!


Having the game of his life!

That was a MICHAEL BISHOP touchdown.

I like how our QB’s jersey is clean. So clean.

The defense needs to tackle

Tried to ride him all the way into the end zone. Disgusting


For the love of… Wide open, then weak-[butt] tackles. So freaking soft

That was a nice stop by the run defense.

Two consecutive stops. Might have something going here.

I find myself holding my breath on every TCU play.

I’m okay with that field goal.

That was just ugly from the get go

Wow, he got blindsided

Run the ball already

Joe, you have to learn how to get down early

Wow, those are some bullets from Hubes


Holy cow. A lead.

OH MY GAWD. Is this really happening?

Don’t wake me up


Cats dining on Frog legs. Yum!

Where was this offense in the third quarter last week?

OMG YES!!!!!!!


Oh man, that looked so great. Boykin stunned.

Huge, huge, so freaking huge!

Hubener making all the right reads so far tonight

OMG that’s a highlight of the year!

OMG Hubes is a baller.


So how does everyone feel about the offensive play calling right now?


Is this real life?

Is it just a fantasy?

Crowd is doing its job

There you go Newian – got over the love taps of the first quarter and laying some wood now

Doctson saw that pain coming

Our defense was totally expecting that

Defense is in the zone


That punt went into the student section!

Wow, the Frogs seem rattled.

Wow, momentum


TCU’s aggression is killing them

Bury ’em Bill! Bury Them!!!!

Love the stiff arm from Hubes.

First down is even better there. Run more time.

TCU has to know this is coming at this point, and they still ain’t stopping it.


There we go!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! TCU going out of their way to hand Cats the game.

HALFTIME (K-State 35 – TCU 17)

Best thing about the game right now is that TCU seemed pretty much hopeless on defense

Joe Hubener is out rushing Aaron Green

WOW Hubes, just WOW!!!

Well that sucks


Hubes just threw to the wrong guy

The receiver slipped or was knocked to the ground

Welp, they’re staying aggressive at least

Why aren’t we running the ball?

Panic has set in

Can’t take too many hits like that

Suddenly the pass protection ain’t so solid

Well play calling hasn’t really been our strong suit

I will point out we all complained about them being too conservative against Okie Light.

Nice first down!

The announcers are calling out our play calling…

They did last week as well.

Huge series for Defense coming!!

Ugh. This is going to get ugly.

Whelp, that isn’t going to help

THAT late hit gets a flag?!


McDaniel let Doctson go

Doctson wide open.

Totally bought on Boykin being the carrier there

Cats can’t handle success this year

Just like that, they are within 4

Totally new ballgame and we have zero momentum.

Need a scoring drive so much right now

Someone in good purple step up and make a play

I knew we were living on borrowed time.

Are the referees eating their flags?

Completely clean pick

There’s the huge play we needed

Run the ball

Another wasted down

Stop throwing deep!


That was absolutely pass interference!

Big 12 refs…

Another apology incoming

C’mon refs!!!

Wow… Big 12 refs in the house again.

Big 12 called and reminded the refs TCU was in the playoff hunt

C’mon fellas, ball is sitting there…


Hey, it’s a 20-yard loss, oh no 5 yard gain.

Dang Starks, pick that and take it to the house

Good work by the defense on that drive

Run the dang ball…

Um, what was that?


You were five yards beyond the line of scrimmage you moron

Mind-blowingly dumb

Hubener that was straight dumb son

Well, the refs didn’t review that… Such bad officials.


Where did THIS Charles Jones come from?

First down and homeward bound – 7 coming up

Punch it in, c’mon

Gotta get 6 here

Just punch them in the face with heavy package


Hot Ziggety! Cats are wild tonight!

Interesting kick off choice

Boykin is so elusive

Lay a helmet on Boykin!

That’s right pee frogs, keep running the ball.

Doctson can’t be covered by college players

This is embarrassing


Trevone Boykin is pretty good

Thank you…

Mistake by TCU offense


An eight minute drive would be nice

Don’t lose this thing in the last 5 minutes!

Getting too cute on offense. Go with what has been working.

BOOM! On Heath

Bell ringer for sure, but no fumble

Not a catch

Wow. They will call for a review


Geezus Burton

Oh no, this better be a completed pass

Can we get the refs from the Texas Tech game to review this one?

Piss poor series when this needed to be the nail in the coffin

Too much time on the clock now

One dang TD wins it for the Frogs

Tyler Lockett questioning the play calling on Twitter

Now TCU runs it and scored with a minute left. Calling it


Or just give up another big run touchdown


What a ridiculous athlete

I hate everything

Now watch us throw it three times in a row


We cope by drinking

Nice collapse Cats

Got lucky to thread that one through there, Joe

We’ll take that

I guess our best pass play is a PI by TCU

Why speed up the game by passing?


Finally, a five-minute looking drive. Although, there are less than 4 minutes left.

Until that play I was thinking the offense was doing well

You got to be kidding. Just go for it… We may not get the ball back

Man, not liking this

Kicking here = surrender. I may quit

So much for power football.

Why would you not go for it on 4th and 1?


C’mon defense, do your thing

If we lose, this on is on Bill.

I don’t think this team can win in OT against TCU.

We won’t have to find out

Nice tackle by Newlin

If we come up short, this will be on the coaching staff..

This is why we can’t have nice things

No no no no no NO NO



There it is. Only good thing is we have time to try to answer.

What did you think would happen Bill?

We get what we deserve. Horrible coaching

I would have preferred a 50-point demolition

Hurry and get this torture over with

Remember when our defense was considered a strength?

Wow, Just Wow.

OH NO. I’m going to go have a massive cry now

Yep. Ends on a Hubes turnover.

Never have I seen a K-State team try to win less

Man [screw] TCU forever

This team deserves better coaching decisions. Bill Snyder is writing a note to Boykin right now. I don’t want him to be writing notes anymore.

Two weeks in a row Bill Snyder plays it like an old safe fuddy duddy.

FINAL (TCU 52, K-State 45)


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