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Game threads are something special. More often than not the full gauntlet of human emotion is experienced within a few short hours. I wade through the joy, sorrow, excitement, and heartbreak, and select the best comments to tell the story of the game.

How could I not do an As Told By The Fans for the OU-Texas game? The Sooners came into the rivalry matchup on of the hottest teams in the Big 12, Texas was going in a different direction. The Longhorns have been terrible. So when Texas jumped out to a fourteen point lead, Sooner nation had seen enough.

It’s a meltdown of nuclear proportions., and it’s fantastic. Fair warning, if you’re a fan of Bob Stoops, Mike Stoops, or Lincoln Riley, you might not want to continue.

Here’s the best comments from Grab some popcorn, because this is going to be good!


I want to see the OU flag planted at the 50-yard line! BOOMER!!!

[Screw] the Texas Longhorns

What I want to see

I want to see the foot on the gas and not off until the last shotgun blast!!!!

What I wish to see

[Screw] Texas! Horns down!

[Screw] Texas


Are we up three scores yet?

Jump on them early and create some turnovers.

Striker is [messing] up that QB tomorrow!

Oh. My. God. Texas. Sucks.

If we lose to these dumb [butts], it’ll just prove our team hasn’t improved at all.

Texas is so [poopy] that ESPN College GameDay didn’t even bother having the OU/Texas game a part of their picks.

Let’s do this!

Looks like an OU home game on TV

Oklahoma is going to completely break Texas today. They won’t have the will to play the rest of the season


Good start.

WTF was that?


Another drop

Jesus, Baxter.

Slow start

Horrible first series

Terrible start

Baker not looking good that drive

Sure glad we tried to run the ball

Good punt. C’mon defense

Anyone still dropping ball at this point in the season should get benched.

Heard looks better than Baker

Good defense

Three and out to start… Perfect.

Okay, good field position. Time to go up 7-0

Run the darn ball this time.

Great push by Perine

That didn’t go well.

Nice idea?

Well [poop]

That o-line stinks

wow, this is bad

O-Line not doing their job well

I knew this would happen. We are going to let Texas stay in the game the whole day. Sigh

A dumb play call killed that possession

Hate the trick play so early

What a [poopy] play call on 2nd and five

Darlington is getting tossed around like a ragdoll

Block someone!

I’m getting annoyed by this game

Great another 3 and out

Heard looks better than Baker

2013 all over again

We’ll probably lose

Great tackling once again fellas

I’m liking Texas’ game plan

Can we meltdown yet?

Well this sucks

Let’s get off the field please

Texas dominating our defense

Oh come on. Heard on the keepers is all these turds have, Mike.

Byrd caught with his pants down

Down 7-0

[Poop] that is the worst tackling I’ve ever seen

This board is filled with emotional [turds]

Riley sucks

What a bunch of [girls]

Punched in the mouth.

But… Texas is bad!

7 minutes into the game and our [poop] [butt] fans give up.

LMFAO So predictable

That’s smart. Give a [poopy] team hope.

Great job Stoops getting the team prepared again!

Our linebackers are so bad.

Chill people, we always start slow

TCU beat these guys 50-7

We are terrible at two-hand touch

Well we haven’t been the laughing stock of college football for a few months, so maybe our guys miss that.

Tackling, it’s really not as complicated as we make it look

Texas has been outgained this year by 843 yards


Fumbled kickoff? WTF guys?

Good God

Going to get killed

HAHAHAHA Same [poop], different year

We could be down 14-0 before we get an earned first down.

Ross, you have no place on this team

I know OU won’t lose this game, and everything will be fine, but… I would want Bob Stoops fired if we lost this game.

This is the 10th ranked team in the country?

No contain

LOAD the box!

This is what Mike Stoops drew up for the defense?

D-line getting ABUSED.

Running QB = Mike is dead

This is a [poop] show

Norvell making Riley look like a AAC coach

Mike Stoops making another average QB into a Heisman contender

[Poop] coaches, [poop] athletes, gets you this [poop] show

Got 13 players on the field after a timeout. LMAO we have a [poopy] coaching staff.

Load the box, Mike!

We wasted a timeout on THAT?

wow… just wow…


Right up the middle. Running all over us.

Getting smoked by vanilla plays…

Our guys look whipped.

Hahahaha, [screw] off Bob and Mike. No excuse for this.

14-0 with 5:37 left in Q1

Game, set, match

Texas is dog rolling OU

That is a fumble!

That ball looks like it was OUT!

That’s close. Can’t tell if it can be overturned.

Refs screwing us

It’s a TD either way

Texas recovered anyway. Touchdown Texas

We can’t even fall on the ball correctly if it’s a fumble

Mike and Bob can stay in Texas if they lose this one…

Why does Parker just let that ball go?

LOL confirmed

Touchdown either way, so who cares

Welp, this isn’t much fun

Way to have them ready to go, Bob

Did OU practice this week?

Nice catch by Flowers. Saved the series there

Nice play

A first down! Wow!

Geez Louise…

Offensive line is so bad

Lincoln Riley is outmatched here

Disguised blitzes, even with two RB blockers, we didn’t pick it up

Hey, foot locker rejects, blow the whistle

They are completely fooled. What a [poop] show

Air… no raid

Nice punt, though

At least it’s a stop on defense

15 freaking yards in the first quarter. 15!

Bob should be fired at the end of this [freaking] game if we lose.

Riley better bring it now

Does anyone on this staff see the blitz coming?

ABC pointing out how our OT telegraphs what we’re doing. SMDH

So now every team knows our plays

I need booze

Announcers calling our plays due to offensive line stance. LOL, pathetic.

Pretty obvious Texas sees it.

That’s what, five sacks now?

We run that on 3rd and 18?

Riley is way over his head here. He is not the answer.

[Screw] these coaches.

We’ve gotta be near 35-40 yards of total offense by now. Good job offense.

Riley, keep you sorry [butt] in Dallas. Don’t bother making the trip back.

We need to score this series.

three points!!!

Sigh…. Bert for three

OU is back in this

They are literally afraid to have Heard throw the ball

Dirty Texas players, very surprising

Dirty punk [butt] sack of [poop].

It was late, but no malicious

Better score a touchdown here. No more field goals.

WTF is Mayfield doing?

Good lord Riley, buy a clue.

It’s comical watching St. John. Dead giveaway. How can none of our coaches see this?

Mayfield is pissing down his leg

Our punter is winning

Their O-line has played very well

Whipped us in the first half.

Great job Stoops! $5 million well spent!

We’re getting whipped by a bad football team.

And the Texas players are fighting with the coaches at the end of the half. How this dysfunctional team is beating us by 11 is beyond me.

Sitting here stewing in the Cotton Bow and knowing Bob Stoops has just absolutely no clue is depressing. He even talked his week about 2013 and how it would be brought up a lot. We’ll wait until they talk about this “epic” UT victory. All I see are two teams that suck and somehow we suck worse. UT can’t do anything but run the ball and blitz and they are still kicking our [butts]. Done. Bob can go [screw] himself.

Halftime (Texas 14 – Oklahoma 3)

Oh great, now Mack Brown’s take on the game. Where’s my remote?

Mack Brown is giddy

85 total yards in the first half.

Tony Jefferson calling ’em out on Twitter

Everyone relax and enjoy a 9-4 season

And the Horns have the ball to start the half

OU is going to win this game

We have two NFL running backs that are afterthoughts in this offense.

If I’m Mixon, I’m gonna transfer after this year

Well Texas bumbled into that first down

Wow, Sanchez whiffed.


I guess Stoops and crew took a dump at half. Doesn’t look like they made any adjustments

Mike Stoops getting owned by a failed OC.

Can we borrow Briles for the second half?

This sucks

Wrap up!

Oh [screw] this [poop]! Taxicab for Mike Stoops. Just get rid of him.

Oh my god. Our defense is so soft.

How long before these [weaklings] quit?

Nice defense.

Boy did we need that stop

Lucky they got that field goal

Texas just killing that clock

Now let us see if this offensive line can figure out how to stop telegraphing the play and block for a change

I’m going to tell my friends that I don’t care if they have weddings on Fall Saturdays anymore.

Dang, Mayfield throws it away.

OMG, did we just pick up a blitz?

Mayfield thinks he’s about 5 times faster than he is.



Touchdown Oklahoma!

Mayfield is a gamer. NEVER GIVES UP!

One score game!

Mixon getting the crowd into this game. we got this

We just doubled our total yards

Three and out!

Thank you defense!

We gotta tie this

Offense starting to do some good things now

Extra yards after the catch… very nice.

We are about to whip their [butt]


Well drive stalls unless we go for it.

Going to be another nail biter. Ugh

Once again killing ourselves

We need a turnover

Texas isn’t going to take any chances.

well [poop]

Great guys… Great

This defense is sad.



Norvell is schooling Riley today

Thank God Sanchez ran him down…

That’s big game bob for ya

Can’t beat anyone but Rice. Oh… and Bobbie

Swoopes will get 3 carries and a TD here

Bob is done

Clown show

Son of a…

This is obscene

There’s your ballgame. I don’t think this team has 2 touchdowns in them for this quarter with how they are playing.

Wow. Embarrassing. They are just a better team. Plain and simple

Bye, bye season

The Bob Stoops show has been over for years….

We hope for too much

Hurry up Thunder basketball! I am officially as pathetic as an OSU fan

When will it be enough to fire Bob stoops.

Time for some Sooner magic

Riley couldn’t carry Heupel’s jock

Riley in over his head

someone needs to put our tight end on a milk carton

These run calls are pathetic


Hey Perine nice TD

The bad news is we have to play defense.

Mayfield won’t finish this season with this OL

Come on D

One more play defense


There you go Zack!

Great call Stoops. Great execution defense!

Let’s go Baker!!!

Offense needs to score a touchdown!

I am glad their defense is finally tired

UT’s blowout loss to TCU couldn’t have come at a worse time for OU.

Texas didn’t lose, they took the week off to prepare for us.

Mayfield is terrible at recognizing where pressure is coming from

Good grief. We just don’t have an o-line. Nothing we can do about it.

18 yards to go, so let’s throw 3 yards

Who believes? I sure don’t

That sack might have sunk our ship

Gotta go for it on 4th on this drive. Their run game will eat the clock.


Game over.

Guess we won’t be going for it.

Offensive line is trash

And… a [poopy] punt

We’ve given up

It’s over. Way to have heart defense

This game is over

Hopefully this is the end of Stoops at OU. Finally…

Stoops needs to go. This is what it looks like when the game passes you by. GTFO

Mike Stoops needs to be fired before this season is over. It’s time to move on.

How embarrassing

I hate the Sooners as much as I hate Texas

FINAL (Texas 24 – Oklahoma 17)


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