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Last Saturday the Kansas State Wildcats went into halftime with a 35-17 lead over the third best team in the country. They couldn’t stop Trevone Boykin in the second half though, and the Heisman hopeful led the Frogs to their second come from behind victory in as many weeks.

It was a painful loss for EMAW nation, but in an incredible display of sportsmanship, K-State head coach Bill Snyder wrote a note congratulating Boykin and his teammates on their performance.

The note reads:

Congratulations again Trevone.

Proud of you as a person & leader as well as a great player. Admire your performance and poise in bringing your team back to win our game. Wishing you continued success & good fortune.

Please share my congratulations with your teammates. They were excellent in coming back in the 2nd half.

Coach Snyder

The truth is we’ve almost come to expect this from coach Snyder. No one represents what college football should be about better than he does. He’s truly a legendary coach; on and off the field.


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