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The last two weeks have been perplexing for Sooner fans. Going into the Red River Showdown with Texas we were ready to ask if the Sooners had regained their premier status. The post was locked and loaded, but before we had the chance to post it, they answered it themselves with a resounding “NO”. The loss was seemingly worse than just an upset by a bitter rival. It isn’t like the Longhorns got a lucky win. No, they made the Sooners look flat-out awful in the Cotton Bowl.

One week later, the Sooners took the field in Manhattan, and once again have us wondering if OU has climbed back up the mountain with a 55-0 blowout over the Wildcats. It was more than a beat down. The Sooners defense choked the life out of K-State’s will to play the game. They forced three turnovers. and held the Wildcat offense to just 110 total yards. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing, that’s impressive. On offense the Sooners looked balanced on the way to gaining 30 first downs and 568 total yards.

The question on the mind of Sooner fans, and the rest of the Big 12, is simple: Are the Sooners a premier program with an inexplicable loss, or are they a team hiding major issues just waiting to get exposed again?

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