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We’re running a little late today, so let’s get right into it, but first a look at how everyone is doing.


Last Week


Win %

Chris Ross 3-2-0 24-11-0 69%
Kyle Lang 4-1-0 22-11-2 66%
Matt Turney 4-1-0 16-16-3 50%
Tracy Guest 4-1-0 16-17-2 49%
Landon Wilson 2-3-0 16-18-1 47%
Robert Spradley 12-14-4 43%


Hey, that’s a pretty dang good week! This isn’t going nearly as badly as I initially feared. A couple of us are picking at a rate those obnoxious handicappers endlessly brag about on the radio, and the rest are within striking distance of finishing above 50 percent! On to week 8!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Chris Ross

  • Central Michigan -7 (at Ball State)
  • Toledo -14.5 (at UMass)
  • Marshall -28 (vs North Texas)
  • Houston -20.5 (at UCF)
  • Texas -6.5 (vs K-State)

Texas and Kansas State have something in common, their last game was against Oklahoma, and how both fared against the Sooners is a pretty good gauge of where each program is. Texas pulled off a huge upset in a game that felt like a turning point for the program, while K-State was abused by the Crimson and Cream. This just isn’t the Wildcats year as they’re riding a three-game losing streak, and it isn’t ending this week.

Kyle Lang

  • Arizona -7.5 (vs Washington State)
  • Clemson -7 (at Miami)
  • Utah +3.5 (at USC)
  • Alabama -15 (vs Tennessee)
  • Texas -6.5 (vs K-State)

Texas should be well rested and ready for a fight when the Wildcats come to town. Kansas State has taken the conference lead in players unavailable due to injury and that will show as Texas puts together their first back to back wins of the season.

Matt Turney

  • Michigan State -16.5 (vs Indiana)
  • Alabama -15 (vs Tennessee)
  • LSU -16 (vs Western Kentucky)
  • Utah + 3.5 (at USC)
  • Baylor -37 (vs Iowa State)

I’ve thought about this game. I’ve thought about it a lot. It’s Baylor. And they’re playing Iowa State.

Tracy Guest

  • Michigan State -16.5 (vs Indiana)
  • Missouri -3 (at Vanderbilt)
  • Wisconsin -6 (at Illinois)
  • LSU -16 (vs Western Kentucky)
  • Texas -6.5 (vs K-State)

K-State is just decimated right now with injuries, Hubener has not played well recently, and it looks like Texas is starting to right the ship. Texas gets the win at home.

Landon Wilson

  • Missouri -3 (at Vanderbilt)
  • Utah +3.5 (at USC)
  • Colorado +2 (at Oregon State)
  • Duke +3 (at Virginia Tech)
  • Oklahoma State -35 (vs Kansas)

Oklahoma State is coming off of a much needed bye week and will be fresh and ready to roll into Boone Pickens Stadium for Homecoming.

Robert Spradley

  • Utah +3.5 (at USC)
  • Duke +3 (at Virginia Tech)
  • Houston -20.5 (at UCF)
  • Ole Miss -5.5 (vs Texas A&M)
  • Texas -6.5 (vs K-State)

Kansas State has historically been a thorn in the side of Texas. However, at this point they’re so banged up that they’ll struggle to break burnt orange hearts in Austin once again. Charlie Strong is on to something and Longhorn confidence seems to be surging. Look for the Horns to win this one somewhere in the 14-17 point range.


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