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For officials there’s no trophies to win. No one is going to write about what a terrific job you did in the paper the next morning. The only time they get any attention is when they make a mistake. Should they miss a call, or throw the flag on something that, upon replay, doesn’t look like a foul, the hate will come swiftly and it will be severe.

You know you’ve done it; through gritted teeth you’ve abused your keyboard as you’ve mashed out your frustrations with the officiating. You’ve probably cursed their name, called for their job, and maybe even leveled accusations of bribery. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a bad call for the hate to rain down. If it simply goes against the home team, boos relentlessly reverberate throughout the stadium. As soon as the zebra stripes go on, they’re public enemy number one.

There are a few masochists out there that sign up for the job, and it’s not an easy one. The Big 12 Conference put together a video with an inside look at what goes into officiating a game. Cameras followed the crew as they prepared for Baylor vs Texas Tech earlier this season, and it gives us just a tiny glimpse of everything that goes into one of the most thankless jobs in America.



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