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The top of the leader board remained the same as I fired off another 3-2 (knock on all the wood). Kyle had a losing week, but with an overall record of 63 percent, he’s doing pretty good.

There was some change in the middle of the leader board as both Tracy had a great week. Robert also did well, but it wasn’t quite enough to get out of last place.

Here’s a look at the standings before we get into this week’s picks.


Last Week


Win %

Chris Ross 3-2-0 27-13-0 68%
Kyle Lang 2-3-0 24-14-2 63%
Tracy Guest 4-1-0 20-18-2 53%
Robert Spradley 4-1-0 16-15-4 53%
Landon Wilson 3-2-0 19-20-1 49%
Matt Turney 2-3-0 18-19-3 49%


Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Chris Ross

  • Texas -4 (at Iowa State)
  • Mississippi -7 (at Auburn)
  • Oklahoma -39 (at Kansas)
  • Memphis -31 (vs Tulane)
  • Houston -11 (vs Vanderbilt)

What am I not getting? The dysfunctional Cyclones are supposed to hang with a talented Longhorn team that’s finding their stride? Just how bad was Richardson and Mangino? Please, this mess wasn’t their fault. Who’s Paul Rhoads going to blame after this week?

Do I really need to explain the Oklahoma pick?

Kyle Lang

  • Clemson -10 (NC State)
  • Mississippi -7 (at Auburn)
  • Stanford -10.5 (at Washington State)
  • Tulsa -3.5 (at SMU)
  • Oklahoma State -2.5 (at Texas Tech)

Oklahoma State is getting no respect with a line of -3 against a Texas Tech team that has struggled the last two weeks. It’s Halloween and stuff is always weird in Lubbock however the weirdest thing would be Tech finding a defense and way to keep with a Cowboys team they haven’t beaten since 2008.

Tracy Guest

  • Wisconsin -20.5 (vs Rutgers)
  • Iowa -17 (vs Maryland)
  • USC -6 (at California)
  • Houston -11 (vs Vanderbilt)
  • Texas -4 (at Iowa State)

It looks like Charlie Strong’s boys are getting the train back on the tracks, and let’s face it, this ISU program is continuing  to unravel. Texas gets the win in Ames.

Landon Wilson

  • Mississippi -7 (at Auburn)
  • Georgia Tech +6 (at Virginia)
  • Clemson -10 (at NC State)
  • Houston -11 (vs Vanderbilt)
  • Oklahoma State -2.5 (at Texas Tech)

Oklahoma State is starting to get the ball rolling on offense and Texas Tech’s defense looks like it’s going against Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl each week.

Matt Turney

  • Florida -2.5 (at Georgia)
  • Washington State +12 (vs Stanford)
  • Notre Dame -10 (at Temple)
  • Michigan -14 (at Minnesota)
  • Oklahoma State -2.5 (at Texas Tech)

Stop it, Vegas. You’re drunk. Mahomes is steadily regressing for Tech and Rudolph had a nice accuracy sharpener last week against Kansas. But most of all Tech’s defense is laughably bad. Even with State’s previous rushing troubles they’ll easily run the ball against Tech and that’s all you have to do. Easy win for the Pokes.

Robert Spradley

  • Houston -11 (vs Vanderbilt)
  • Syracuse +20.5 (at Florida State)
  • Duke -10.5 (vs Miami)
  • UNLV +20 (vs Boise State)
  • Oklahoma -39 (at Kansas)

Oklahoma still has hopes of winning the Big 12 despite their earlier loss to Texas. Their dismantling of Kansas State and Texas Tech in successive weeks indicates that they may be capable of earning much more than the conference crown. The Sooners are currently in the business of creating style points which is bad news for Kansas.


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