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Here’s an interesting stat for you numbers folk, 266 points were scored in Week 9 of the Big 12. The scary part of that stat? Two teams combined for 7 of those points.

Such is life in the wild, wild west of the Big 12. With no ‘big games’ this week the only hope for an exciting week were upsets, and there were none. But have no fear! It was still plenty exciting. West Virginia became the newest victim to the TCU killing spree. OSU traveled to Lubbock for a basketball game on grass with the Cowboys winning 70-53. Oklahoma continued to enrage their own fans by destroying another opponent in Kansas with Sooner nation simply asking “HOW DID YOU LOSE TO TEXAS!?!” Iowa State finally got that win over Texas and in shutout fashion, which begs the question, “How did Oklahoma lost to Texas?!?!”

But enough of that, lets get to the thoughts

West Virginia vs TCU

Poor Dana, at least October is over.

Trevone Boykin is simply amazing. Watching him grow from the poor passing, athletic quarterback from his freshman year to now is unbelievable. Don’t sit there and say the new spread system is the sole reason for his improvement, the kid is a baller.

After flirting with disaster at times throughout the season, TCU seems to be regaining form and playing up to their potential. No doubt gearing up for the biggest November in this country since the Pilgrims and Native Americans got together for a very historically inaccurate meal.

West Virginia is a quarterback away from being a good team. Skyler Howard is solid but continuously missed big passes or missed wide open first down passes for the deep ball. Credit Holgorsen for keeping this team competitive throughout this incredibly tough schedule. It only gets easier from here.

While this game was indeed a blowout, there was a period of time through the first 3 quarter where WVU was a score away from being right with the Frogs. TCU hasn’t had much of a test since Texas Tech and now have Oklahoma State to look forward too. First one to 100 wins!

Oklahoma vs Kansas

I giggled.

There was no airplane debacles this time for Oklahoma traveling north to Kansas. OU started fast and ended fast.

Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine continue to better mesh within the air raid slowly turning Oklahoma into one of the more complete teams in the conference. If Perine and Mixon can run down hill, it will be hard for any defense to slow the Sooners down with Mayfield’s ability to throw pinpoint passes to his receivers.

Mark Andrews sighting!! And it’s not just a token pass in the redzone! They actually used him within the flow of the offense! It truly is Halloween!

You’ve got to feel for Kansas. There is little talent on the team and not many players coming in. Also, it was their homecoming. The Jayhawk faithful came home to lose by 55 points. That’s like going home from a long day of work and realizing your house burned to the ground.

Baker Mayfield is completing 70% (actually 69.7%) of his passes. 24 touchdowns with four interceptions. Very impressive. He definitely has a chance for Heisman talk with ISU, Baylor, TCU and OSU looming. Another stat? 22 sacks…zoinks!

Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech

Artist’s portrayal of yesterday’s game.

James Washington and Jakeem Grant are cheat codes. Not even fair.

In a game that Texas Tech came out firing, no pun intended, OSU continued to stay calm, play within themselves and ultimately put the Red Raiders on their heels.

I know J.W Walsh was effective in running the ball but what in the world is up with Mason Rudolph? Yes, he threw for 285 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 pick but when the game turned into a back and forth affair, Walsh was the guy. Call me old-fashioned but two quarterback systems do nothing for me. OSU is talented enough that they have been able to play through their quarterback’s play but the schedule only gets tougher from here.

Considering Tech gave up a million yards rushing to Oklahoma last week, I’m surprised OSU didn’t have similar success with their running backs. Although they only rushed the ball 36 times and the Rudolph/Walsh combo combined for 16 of those carries.

70-53 is the score midway through the 3rd quarter when the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing Sacramento Kings.

Cowboys fans are right to be excited. 8-0 and have TCU coming to Stillwater for a Big 12 showdown.

Texas vs Iowa State

Don’t look now but Joel Lanning is pretty good. Since being inserted to start for the Baylor game, he has thrown four touchdowns and no interceptions. Not very flashy but made big throws on 3rd downs to doom the Horns.

I think we can put to bed that the Longhorns turned the corner with the OU win. This is a bad team with little to no identity. They can’t pass and their defense only thrives on all out blitzes. Now, Charlie Strong may still become a great coach with the Horns but this year is off. The last 4 games are Kansas, WVU, Tech and Baylor. Sadly none of those are sure wins.

Don’t look now but Iowa State has some momentum heading into Norman next week.

Hey Charlie, have anything on your mind?

Maybe it is indeed, all about the U


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