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The Grant Application – Episode 05

This week the LGG’s very own Tracy Guest joins Grant Thome to discuss what went down around the Big 12 in week nine, and what we learned from it.

Our very own Tracy Guest joins the podcast this week, and she’s bringing her statistical prowess to show!

Action began a little early last week as TCU took care of business against West Virginia on Thursday night. It was great to get a little extra attention, but how many Thursday night games are too many for the conference?

Texas Tech jumped all over the Cowboys early, but Oklahoma State was able to battle back and win the game. Does Oklahoma State feel like an 8-0 Big 12 contender, and after four conference losses have the Red Raiders’ spirits been broken?

The Sooners pounded the hapless Jayhawks into submission on Saturday as expected. Are all of Oklahoma’s issues that plagued them against Texas fixed, or are they just waiting to get exposed again?

Wow, what did Iowa State just do? Was manhandling Texas the spark they needed to rally, or is bowl eligibility too far out of reach at this point? On the other side, what are we to make of Texas?

And we’ll also take a quick peek at Thursday’s game between Baylor and Kansas State!


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