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Well this is going a lot better than I thought it might. We’re about two-thirds through the season and everyone is 50 percent or higher! That’s not terrible at all. In fact, It’s actually pretty good.

Kyle and I kept things the same at the top of the leader board, but he continues to close the gap as I can’t seem to shake going 3-2. That’s a winning week though, so I’ll take it! Landon also had a great week, and was one push away from a 5-0!


Last Week


Win %

Chris Ross 3-2-0 30-15-0 67%
Kyle Lang 4-1-0 28-15-2 64%
Landon Wilson 4-0-1 23-20-2 53%
Tracy Guest 2-2-1 22-20-3 52%
Matt Turney 3-2-0 21-21-3 50%
Robert Spradley 2-3-0 18-18-4 50%

I’m crossing my fingers and toes and knocking on wood like a starving woodpecker as we try to keep the win streak going for another week. Here’s our picks for week 10!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Chris Ross

  • Florida International -17 (vs UNC Charlotte)
  • Michigan State -5.5 (at Nebraska)
  • UTSA -8.5 (vs Old Dominion)
  • Oregon -3.5 (vs California)
  • Oklahoma -24.5 (vs Iowa State)

Iowa State, what to make of you? Last week’s beat down of Texas is as inexplicable as it is impressive. However, on the road in Norman is tough task after a big win. Order is restored to the universe this week, and the Sooners take care of business as they warm up for Baylor next week..

Kyle Lang

  • Clemson -12 (vs Florida State)
  • Alabama -6.5 (vs LSU)
  • Michigan State -5.5 (at Nebraska)
  • Duke +7.5 (at North Carolina)
  • Texas -28.5 (vs Kansas)

Texas was embarrassed last week when they lost to Iowa State 24-0. Kansas will have the Longhorns full and undivided attention this weekend, which is a really bad thing for the Jayhawks.

Landon Wilson

  • Iowa -7 (at Indiana)
  • Texas A&M -7 (vs Auburn)
  • Tennessee -17 (vs South Carolina)
  • Florida -21 (vs Vanderbilt)
  • Oklahoma -25.5 (vs Iowa State)

Oklahoma’s offense is hitting its stride and although Iowa State is coming off a surprising win, that momentum won’t be able to withstand the Sooners.

Tracy Guest

  • Michigan -24.5 (vs Rutgers)
  • Temple -13 (at SMU)
  • Iowa -7 (at Indiana)
  • Oklahoma -25.5 (vs Iowa State)
  • Wisconsin -12 (at Maryland)

Despite coaching and QB changes, Iowa State is still a weak offense going up against a stingy OU defense.  The Sooner offense continues to roll and this one could be a runaway.

Matt Turney

  • Temple -12.5 (at SMU)
  • Stanford -16 (at Colorado)
  • Michigan State -5.5 (at Nebraska)
  • Memphis -7.5 (vs Navy)
  • TCU -5 (at Oklahoma State)

Sorry, Pokes. The ride ends here. Look at what the Tech offense did to OK State. The score didn’t really reflect the game as the final pick six was Mahomes lazily throwing to an unsuspecting receiver when the game was already over.

Boykin and Doctson are licking their chops. On emotion State will keep it close for 3 full quarters but TCU pulls away in the fourth.

Robert Spradley

  • UNLV -10 (vs Hawaii)
  • Rice -6 (at UTEP)
  • Virginia +7 (at Miami, FL)
  • Florida State +10.5 (at Clemson)
  • Iowa State +25.5 (at Oklahoma)

Iowa State played relatively well in tough games against TCU and Baylor. Last week they dismantled, and shutout, what we thought was a Texas team turning the corner. Oklahoma provides plenty of firepower of its own, but it’s nothing the Cyclones haven’t seen before. I like them to keep it within a 14-20 point margin.


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