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Betting The Big 12

Beat The Bookie: Week 11 Picks

There’s a good slate of games lined up for Saturday, but before action get’s underway, here’s our picks for the week!



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Welp, last week wasn’t great, and right when we were hitting our stride! While most of us had a losing week, it wasn’t too bad. No one a truly bad week. Especially considering the number of wining weeks we’ve had up to this point.

I finally broke my streak of 3-2, but not in the way that I was hoping. I managed to hold on to the lead though as Kyle also had a down week. Tracy and Robert on the other hand, took advantage of everyone else’s misfortunes, and shook up the middle of the standings by going 4-1 and 3-2 respectively.

This week we’re looking to bounce back, but before we get into everyone’s picks, here’s a look at the standings.


Last Week


Win %

Chris Ross 2-2-1 32-17-1 65%
Kyle Lang 2-3-0 30-18-2 62%
Tracy Guest 4-1-0 26-21-3 55%
Landon Wilson 2-3-0 25-23-2 52%
Robert Spradley 3-2-0 21-20-4 51%
Matt Turney 2-3-0 23-24-3 49%


Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Chris Ross

  • Marshall -10 (vs Florida International)
  • Vanderbilt -3.5 (vs Kentucky)
  • Michigan -13 (at Indiana)
  • Texas Tech -5.5 (vs Kansas State)
  • Baylor -3 (vs Oklahoma)

Got to go with a couple Big 12 teams at home. Look for Texas Tech to get back in the win column against Kansas State, and the Texas-sized chip on Baylor’s shoulder will be too tough for the Sooners to knock off.

Kyle Lang

  • North Carolina -13 (vs Miami)
  • Wake Forest +27 (at Notre Dame)
  • Arizona State -2.5 (vs Washington)
  • Alabama -8 (vs Mississippi State)
  • Oklahoma +3 (at Baylor)

This weekend the Sooners head to Waco to take on a Baylor team that struggled last week with a beleaguered Kansas State team. It feels like this is the week that Baylor gets exposed like TCU did last week.

Tracy Guest

  • Michigan -13 (at Indiana)
  • LSU -7.5 (vs Arkansas)
  • Navy -21 (vs SMU)
  • Duke -3 (vs Pittsburgh)
  • Oklahoma State -13.5 (at Iowa State)

This OSU team is out to prove they belong in the upper echelons of college football and they have too many weapon for ISU to contain.

Landon Wilson

  • Florida State -9.5 (vs NC State)
  • Army -2.5 (vs Tulane)
  • Nebraska -8 (at Rutgers)
  • Utah State -2 (at Air Force)
  • Oklahoma State -13.5 (at Iowa State)

Oklahoma State has revenge in their eyes in Ames. The Pokes have improved every week and this week will continue the trend.

Robert Spradley

  • Florida -7.5 (at South Carolina)
  • North Carolina -13 (vs Miami)
  • Stanford -9.5 (vs Oregon)
  • Alabama -8 (at Mississippi State)
  • Oklahoma +3 (at Baylor)

Baylor had to fight tooth and nail to remain undefeated against a feisty Kansas State team a week ago. They’ll be playing Oklahoma in the comforts of home this week with a raucous crowd almost assuredly in tow. However, the Sooners will provide a myriad of defensive schemes which will pressure Jarrett Stidham into rushed throws and bad decisions. Offensively, look for OU to run the ball straight at Baylor effectively much like the Wildcats did. Oklahoma wins outright and sets up an eventual Bedlam showdown that will have college football fans waiting with bated breath.

Matt Turney

  • Temple -2.5 (at South Florida)
  • SMU +21 (at Navy)
  • Florida -7.5 (at South Carolina)
  • Michigan State -14.5 (vs Maryland)
  • Kansas State + 5.5 (at Texas Tech)

Tech’s defense will eventually have to take the field. I was confused by this line when it came out and I still am. The Red Raiders are back to their old, undisciplined ways of rotten defense and undisciplined football. Senior Day aside, they can’t stop anyone.

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