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UPDATE: In a class move, Kirk Herbstreit made a public apology to Baylor and Terrell Burt via Twitter.

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Last night’s knock-down, drag-out fight between the Sooners and the Bears had a few controversial moments, but one of them shouldn’t be.

With 9:44 left in the game, and Baylor down by three, Baylor’s Ryan Reid runs over to teammate Terrell Burt and tells him to go down before the Sooners can snap the ball.

As you can hear in the video, ESPN personality Kirk Herbstreit accuses Baylor of faking the injury, calling it a “called injury”.

Herbstreit even goes as far to accuse Burt of faking the limp while he’s escorted off the field, calling it “bush league”.

The camera continued to follow Burt as he made is way to the training table where the training staff proceeded to check out his ankle. During which, Herbstreit continued to berate Burt for, “faking it all the way through”, and calling it unethical. Chris Fowler starts to ask if perhaps Burt was actually injured when Herbstreit shuts him down, “No, he was ready to play”. To which Fowler responds, “well, they’re really carrying through this thing”.

Fowler was on to something, and really it should have been obvious by the level of attention Burt received from the training staff; Burt wasn’t faking. He was attempting to play through the pain when Reid told him to go down and get checked out.

I get it, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has attempted to slow down the hurry up offense by faking an injury. This just doesn’t appear to be one of those times though. Especially considering there was laundry on the field to sort out from a horse-collar tackle on Baker Mayfield the play before, giving Baylor plenty of time to get their defense set.

We should be congratulating Ryan Reid for looking out for the safety of his teammate, especially when player health is such a concern in today’s game. It’s no secret that players routinely try to play through pain putting themselves at risk for further injury, especially in big game situations. Accusing players of faking injuries is a dangerous precedent to set. In fact, it’s bush league.


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