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Tuesday night the College Football Playoff Committee released their third set of rankings. Once again the rankings proved controversial for Big 12 fans, the highest ranked team in the conference is Oklahoma State at sixth; well outside of the top four.

Oklahoma’s big win over Baylor, along with losses by teams six through ten of last week’s rankings, helped the Sooners to move up five spots to seventh, and right behind their in-state rival. It’s no surprise that after their loss Baylor dropped four places from sixth to tenth in the rankings.

TCU moved down three positions to 18th in the rankings after struggling to defeat a winless Kansas team. The committee seems to be penalizing TCU for the possible loss of Boykin and Doctson. Against Kansas, the Horned Frogs relied on third string quarterback Forrest Sawyer, who saw his first college action on Saturday, after Boykin was knocked out of the game.

These rankings are undoubtedly a disappointment to everyone who can’t fathom why the playoff committee favors two one-loss teams ahead of an undefeated and gritty Cowboy squad. Happily, there are opportunities remaining for the Big 12’s top teams as they continue to play one another.




Last Week

1 Clemson 10-0 1st
2 Alabama 9-1 2nd
3 Ohio State 10-0 3rd
4 Notre Dame 9-1 4th
5 Iowa 10-0 5th
6 Oklahoma State 10-0 8th
7 Oklahoma 9-1 12th
8 Florida 9-1 11th
9 Michigan State 9-1 13th
10 Baylor 8-1 6th
11 Stanford 8-2 7th
12 Michigan 8-2 14th
13 Utah 8-2 10th
14 Florida State 8-2 16th
15 LSU 7-2 9th
16 Navy 8-1 20th
17 North Carolina 9-1 23rd
18 TCU 9-1 15th
19 Houston 10-0 24th
20 Northwestern 8-2 18th
21 Memphis 8-2 21st
22 Ole Miss 7-3
23 Oregon 7-3
24 USC 7-3
25 Wisconsin 8-2 25th



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