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What are they feeding those boys up in Ames? It’s being reported that after Saturday’s game against the Cyclones, Oklahoma State’s Blake Jarwin was reportedly checked into Stillwater Medical Center with multiple fractured ribs.

The injury would sideline the Poke’s “Cowboy back” position for at least the remainder of the regular season. Unfortunately for OSU, that happens to be their biggest two games of the year with only Baylor and Oklahoma remaining.

Losing a starter at this point of the season is rough, but losing Jarwin hampers Oklahoma State’s combo fullback/tight end position which brings an added wrinkle to their offense. Through ten games, Jarwin has recorded 14 receptions for 190 yards, and a couple of touchdowns.

To compound matters further, sources are telling us that Jeremy Seaton, another starting “Cowboy back”, may be injured as well. Seaton has a pair of touchdowns on the year of his own, along with 70 yards on six catches.

If rumors are true and Seaton is also out, it would leave Zac Veatch, the lone starter remaining, to pick up most of the workload at the hybrid position. So far Veatch has just two catches on the year, but he’s averaging 22-yards per catch.

The Cowboys made it out of Ames with the win, but it looks like not before Iowa State took their toll of a pound of flesh.


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