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On Saturday night Sooner fans everywhere celebrated the big win over Baylor in Waco. Although I doubt many partied as hard as Harold Anthony Schroeder of Oklahoma City did the night before.

The Waco Tribune reported that Schroeder, donned in crimson and cream, was found by sheriff’s deputies at 8:15 am the morning of the game passed out in the McLennan County Courthouse in Waco. It appears that Schroeder mistook the courthouse for the Hilton Hotel at which he was staying.

From the Tribune:

Deputies responding to a burglar alarm at the courthouse about 8:15 a.m. Saturday found Harold Anthony Schroeder, 35, of Oklahoma City, curled up between the counsel rail and the first-row seats in the 54th State District Courtroom.

Wearing a crimson Oklahoma Sooners shirt, a groggy Schroeder sat on a bench in the courthouse rotunda and tried to explain to deputies that he thought he was at the Hilton.

Deputies noted in reports that Schroeder smelled strongly of alcohol.

Schroeder told authorities that he wasn’t sure how he got into the courthouse, but video surveillance shows him climbing in through a second-floor window after making it up the courthouse steps.

Perhaps more bemused by the situation than anything else, authorities did not charge Schroeder with burglary since he didn’t appear to be trying to make off with anything. They did however, arrest him on a class B misdemeanor for criminal trespass. By 2:15 pm he had posted the $1,000 bond, and was released in plenty of time to make the game.


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