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The Grant Application – Episode 08

A special holiday episode, and it’s amazing! Give it a listen!

We have a special podcast this week! Since it’s Thanksgiving we put together an extra long episode for your holiday drive, or just for relaxing after you’re stuffed full with turkey!

Matt Turney comes back to the show as we get into it about West Virginia smashing Kansas, and what that means for the Jayhawks who had been showing fight despite zero wins on the season. We also talk about Kansas State’s bowl hopes, Baylor’s statement against Oklahoma State, and what it means for the Cowboys. We also breakdown Oklahoma’s survival over TCU as Gary Patterson’s decision to play for the win didn’t work out as he’d hoped, and then we look ahead to this week and take a look at the Turkey Day matchup between Texas and Texas Tech.

It’s a fantastic episode, and you don’t want to miss it!


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Length: 57:02


Matt Turney – Contributor to the LGG!

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