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The Grant Application – Episode 09

Bowl chances, coaching changes, who’s number two, and much, much, more! It’s a great episode, although it did run a little long!

For those that have been paying attention, you’ll know that we strive to keep the show to around 20 minutes. We failed miserably at that this week! What can I say, when there’s this much to talk about, and you have great conversation, it can get away from us!

This week I welcome Chris Ross back to the show, and we cover what happened over Thanksgiving weekend, will Texas and K-State make a bowl game, Iowa State has a new head coach, what Kansas needs to do to start winning, who is the Big 12 coach of the year, will OU make the CFB Playoff, and more. It’s a must listen episode!


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Length: 1:00:27


Chris Ross – Founder & managing editor of the LandGrant Gauntlet

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