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The Oklahoma State Cowboys have some new unis, and one word comes to mind, clean. Consider me a fan.

The Pokes were one of the first teams to embrace multiple uniform combinations, featuring a new look just about every time they take the field. Of course that’s not changing, but somehow the new look has a very classic, or “traditional”, feel to it. Oregon meets Notre Dame if you will.

The new uniforms lose the stripes that adorned the shoulder and ran down the pant leg, but they aren’t without their embellishments. Look closely at the “bandana” and you’ll see subtle nods to Oklahoma State’s heritage. Hidden within the detail are Boone Pickens Stadium, retired numbers, and more.

Missing from the new look is new helmets. We’ve seen all these helmets before. Like the white and chrome helmet with the giant Pistol Pete, that was unveiled last season, and I admit, it wasn’t one of my favorites. It didn’t really seem to go with the uniform. Now however, when worn on stage during the reveal, it looks much better with the new uni. Then again though, Dez Bryant can make just about any uniform look good.

Yep, coach Gundy brought in Dez, along with Brandon Weeden and Dan Bailey  to unveil the uniform to the team, their reaction is everything you’d expect it to be. As you watch the clip below, let us know in the comments what you think of the new look!


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