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NCAA Rule Change Puts An End To Satellite Camps

The NCAA has announced new restrictions on where coaches can host summer camps.

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The use of satellite camps has quickly become one of college football’s biggest controversies. The loophole, most notably used by Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, has become the bane of the SEC’s existence, and it seems the NCAA is tired of it as well.

From the NCAA statement:

The Council approved a proposal applicable to the Football Bowl Subdivision that would require those schools to conduct camps and clinics at their school’s facilities or at facilities regularly used for practice or competition. Additionally, FBS coaches and noncoaching staff members with responsibilities specific to football may be employed only at their school’s camps or clinics. 

The decision to ban the use of satellite camps is effective immediately.

The issue of satellite camps came to a head after SEC coaches started complaining about coaches from northern schools conducting camps throughout the South.

“How many teams play Division 1 football?” Saban asked on the issue. “Are they all going to have a satellite camp in every metropolitan area? That means they’ll have 113 camps in Atlanta, 113 in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston. I mean, it sounds like a pretty ridiculous circumstance for me for something that nobody can really determine, did it have any value anyway?”

Those complaints lead to Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby,  who is the chairman of the Division I oversight committee, forming a subcommittee to review how camps and clinics are used, and (assumingly) lead to today’s ruling.

It’s a particular blow to Iowa State and Baylor. The Cyclones new coach Matt Campbell and Baylor coach Art Briles were set to join coach Harbaugh down in Texas next month.

The rule change has more than a few wondering just who benefits from this decision.

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