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Periscope #3: Answering Questions From Twitter

We’re still getting used to this Periscope thing, but we’re having a blast

Earlier this week Brady took questions from Twitter. Mixed in with a few that would be too inappropriate to mention, there were a few actually football related questions, and he answers those in this week’s broadcast along with talking a little breaking news.

Don’t worry, we will be making a number of improvements as we get more acquainted with Periscope. Namely, getting Brady a stand so he doesn’t have to hold his phone the whole time! Holy earthquake Batman!

Stayed tuned to Periscope through the weekend too, especially if you’re partial to the Sooners. Brady will be at Oklahoma’s spring game and will go live with updates and more throughout the day! It should be fun, and offer a little insight to what a spring game is like if you’ve never been.

Give us a follow on Periscope, and be sure to say hi the next time we’re live!

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