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Texas Longhorns’ Season Opener Against Notre Dame Moved To Sep. 4

It looks like the Longhorns will have to wait a day before they get their shot at redemption against the Irish.

Getty Images - Jeff Haynes

The Longhorns’ offseason just got a little longer, but thankfully, only by a day. The Texas-Notre Dame season opener has been moved to Sunday, September 4th.

It is not a bad idea to move the game to Sunday. With games like Oklahoma vs Houston, LSU vs Wisconsin, Clemson at Auburn, UCLA at Texas A&M and more, pushing Texas-Notre Dame game back a day allows it to be the feature game on a Sunday with no NFL games to compete with.

“Having worked in both programs, I have a deep appreciation of the great football pride, tradition and passion at Texas and Notre Dame,” Texas coach Charlie Strong said in a statement.

“This is a game we’re obviously very excited about and really looking forward to. I think moving it to Sunday with no NFL games when it can really be in the spotlight will make it that much more special.”

Let’s just hope the game is a little more competitive this year.

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