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Headlines – April 11th

For the offseason, quite a bit of news happened over the weekend.

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From Around The Big 12

Seriously, who the heck things of Boston University when you hear ‘BU’? | LGG

Speaking of Baylor, There are more allegations of sexual assault. | LGG

There an interesting feud brewing between the Austin media and the Waco media. | Staking The Plains

A medical condition is forcing Oklahoma State’s Dylan Harding to hang up his cleats. | LGG

Cyclone Nation’s heart skipped a beat when it was announced over the weekend that Allen Lazard has a fractured right hand. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to serious. | LGG

There’s some really tragic news involving a former member of the Jayhawks football team. | LGG

The QuickSlant Podcast is back! | LGG

The Sooners received their Big 12 Champion rings on Saturday.

Across The Nation

Let’s face it, the number of bowls is getting out of hand. | ESPN

Welp, a bunch of hotel rooms across the country just freed up. | LGG

Could the NCAA be considering revising the ban on endorsement deals? | YardBarker

Now that EA is cutting checks to former players can we get the game back? | SB Nation


A German soccer player, who just recently learned of American football, is a prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft. And get this, he would have ranked among the top prospects in the Combine! – SB Nation

It’s hard to feel bad for a guy who is making millions of dollars, but dang, you have to feel for Jordan Spieth | CBS

All of these look fantastic:

Open Thread Topics

Which upcoming movie are you most looking forward to?

Are you for or against more bowl games?

Should college athletes be allowed to sign endorsement deals?

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