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Headlines – April 12th

Baylor’s 410-pound tight end wants to be a pro wrestler, some crazy kiss cam action, OU might have found their backup quarterback, and more!

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From Around The Big 12

Baylor’s Laquan McGowen wants to be a pro wrestler when he’s done with football. | SB Nation

“He’s been more than we could have expected,” coach Bob Stoops said. “He’s got a lot of poise, maturity to him and a lot of confidence. He did really well, like he did most of the spring.” | ESPN

Incremental gains in Big 12 might not be enough for Dana Holgorsen. | ESPN

This is pretty cool.

Across The Country

The NCAA is making several head-scratching rule changes lately, and this might be the most concerning. | LGG

I can’t wait to see a Big 12 backup QB tear up the SEC, again. | Texas A&M Football

A great look at the Inside Zone, and why so many teams use it. | Football Study Hall


It was Kobe Bryant’s last game in OKC, Westbrook put up a triple-double in just 18 minutes, but kiss cam stole the show last night. (NSFW) | Reddit

A series of prank phone calls is causing Burger King employees across the country to smash out their store windows. | USA Today

John Oliver takes on credit ratings.

Open Thread Topics

Is Trevor Knight one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC?

What do you think of the NCAA’s decision to deregulate electronic communication?

Is this a make or break year for coach Holgorsen?

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