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Headlines – April 13th

Mason Rudolph’s arm strength is just fine, Art Briles is named in the lawsuit against Baylor, a cruel prank, and much more!

From Around The Big 12

“Our deepest fears have come alive the last few years with the rise to power of Baylor and TCU. Texas Tech enjoyed their role of third fiddle in the state of Texas for many years. However with the rise of Baylor under Texas Tech alumnus Art Briles and the budding powerhouse of TCU, Texas Tech is at risk of becoming irrelevant in their own state. Even Houston is a program rising into the national spotlight. Texas Tech fans are terrified of falling deeper into the sinkhole of irrelevance while historically weaker programs take up Tech’s chance to shine in the spotlight while UT and A&M are stumbling through ‘transitional periods.'” | EDSBS

Brady took to Periscope again last night & it was a blast. | LGG

A great look at Iowa State’s ‘M’ position. | WRNL

Gary Patterson won’t be ready to make a decision on starting QB anytime soon. | LGG

The top 10 players for Texas this spring. | ESPN

Mike Gundy isn’t interested in looking elsewhere as recruiting Texas becomes more competitive. | ESPN

Art Biles has been named in the lawsuit against Baylor for their alleged deliberate indifference towards a sexual assault victim. | Bleacher Report

Let’s just say baseball is not Mason Rudolph’s sport.

Across The Country

One look at Alabama’s future schedule and of course the SEC isn’t going to ban scheduling cupcakes. |

USC’s (Yes, that USC) new athletic director is Lynn Swann? | College Football Talk


Such an incredible story. #HoopsNotCrime | ESPN

This is nuts!

This is great, lol.

Open Thread Topics

What’s the best prank that you have either pulled or that has been pulled on you?

Do Big 12 schools need to start looking to other areas of the country for recruiting?

Should power five schools stop scheduling cupcakes or do you see the benefit for both schools?

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