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Periscope 5: Spring Game Recaps & Talking New NCAA Rules

We did the Periscope thing again last night and we’re starting to get the hang of it!

Hold on to your butts, this is a long one.

I’m getting more comfortable with the Periscope. Save for the few breaks in thought or the “um” or “oh” it is going well and improving. (Hey, I’m new at this!)

For last night’s edition, I gave a brief speech on who I am – I realize I’m not as well-known as some on the site and thought I would introduce myself and talk a little bit about how I came to be here. –I also went over three new NCAA rulings – the banning of satellite camps. deregulation of electronic communication and a three-year hold on adding new bowl games – as well as Kansas’ spring game and Oklahoma’s.

In the future, I don’t plan on these Periscopes being 30 minutes plus. Of course with more fan interaction and questions they will be longer – and that is perfect! Today’s edition had great interaction and questions (which I appreciate). Once again, covering college football is a privilege that I hope to share with you all. I want your questions, comments, passion and all that goes into being a Big 12 fan!

It was a fun way to spend a Tuesday night. I hope you all continue to watch, interact and for those who haven’t joined, I hope you soon will.


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