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Shawn Oakman Arrested On Sexual Assault Charge

It is being reported that Shawn Oakman has been arrested following a sexual assault investigation.

Getty Images - Ronald Martinez

Last week, it was revealed that former Baylor star Shawn Oakman was being investigated for sexual assault. Today, Oakman was arrested on complaints of sexual assault by Waco police.

The alleged incident reportedly occurred around 2:00 am on April 3rd.  According to the police affidavit, Oakman met the woman at a bar and asked her if she wanted to go to his home. Once there she says that Oakman forced her into his bedroom, forced her onto his bed, forced her to remove her clothes and forced himself on her.

She told police that her panties and an earring were still at his duplex.

Officers searched Oakman’s home later that same day for DNA evidence and seized two comforters, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet from his bedroom.

Oakman denied sexually assaulting the woman and according to the police affidavit, claims the sex of consensual.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Oakman was in the Waco jail and any bond information is unknown.

The news of Oakman’s arrest comes just after ESPN’s Outside The Lines published a report that Baylor has failed to investigate another alleged sexual assault for two years.

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