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Sterlin Gilbert Wants The Texas Offense To Run Over 50% Faster

The Longhorns’ new offensive coordinator plans on bringing the hurry-up offense to Austin in a big way.

Getty Images - Cooper Neill

The Big 12 is known for blistering uptempo offenses. We know this. So, it’s no surprise that four conference schools ranked the top 10 in pace of play last season, and another three ranked in the top 30. Texas, however, was most definitely not one of those schools.

The Longhorns’ offense snapped the ball just over 65 times per game last season making them the 12th slowest offense in the country.

New offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert wants to change that. Dramatically.

Players told Inside Texas that the goal is to run at least 100 plays per game.

“We’re really picking up the tempo,” LT Connor Williams said. “We’re going a lot faster. We’re getting the plays in quicker, and we’re moving the ball.

“We run about 150 plays in practice, and that’s the mentality going into the game.”

If successful, that would make the Texas offense the fastest in the land, a title currently held by Baylor at nearly 85 plays per game.

Of course, as Inside Texas points out, we’ve heard it all before. Co-offensive coordinators Shawn Watson and Joe Wickline said we would see a faster Texas last season but struggles on that side of the ball never really let the offense get into gear. If Gilbert is to succeed where the others failed it will depend on the man under center which makes the 3-way QB race in Austin all that much more important.

For reference, here are how the Big 12 schools stack up against each other in pace of play.

2015 Plays Per Game

1 Baylor 84.8
2 Texas Tech 83.4
5 TCU 82.9
10 WVU 80.8
16 Oklahoma 77.9
26 Iowa St 75.8
30 OK State 75.2
34 Kansas 74.8
93 K-State 67.4
116 Texas 65.1


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