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Headlines – April 18th

An embarrassing moment for coach Charlie Strong, WVU loses their kicker for three games, and some brush up on what emojis mean.

There were three spring games and an open practice over the weekend. We’ll have much more on what we learned from Texas Tech, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Texas, so stay tuned.

From Around The Big 12

Uh oh, West Virginia lost a major weapon for their non-conference slate, and they aren’t all cupcakes. | LGG

There are probably ways for a player to endear themselves to their coach to earn some playing time they may otherwise not get. I’m guessing this is not one of those ways. | LGG

Three role players were removed from Oklahoma State’s roster over the weekend. | LGG

Oh Charlie, this has to be slightly embarrassing. | LGG

Across The Nation

Bill Connely has been previewing the MAC. | SB Nation

What the… A former Syracuse DB allegedly stabbed two current Orange DBs. |

Ohio State set the record for spring game attendance, again. (Because it matters?) | NBC Sports

I’m sure we’ll have more on this later, but here’s an in-depth look at college athletics spending. | USA Today


So, Blake Griffin is back.

Ever wonder what Texas Tech defensive players go on to do after football? Now we know. Apparently, they go to Russia to provide security at soccer matches. (If we can’t laugh about it…)

NSFW: Ever wonder what emojis mean? Jimmy Kimmel has you covered. (Hint: They all relate to sex)

Open Thread Topics

How important is the spring game to you as a fan? Do you look forward to them, and do you feel you learn anything from them?

Who’s your pick to win the NBA Championship? Will it be someone other than Golden State?

Has spending in college athletics gotten out of control?

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