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Headlines – April 22nd

A couple of helmet concepts, A new episode of the QuickSlant Podcast, and how two rogue Athletic Directors swayed the vote on satellite camps.

From Around The Big 12

How Two Rogue Athletic Directors Swung The Vote To Ban Satellite Camps. | LGG

As Baylor’s Floyd Casey Stadium is torn down, here’s a great reflection on its history. | Waco Tribune

QuickSlant Podcast Ep 12 – Looking At The Controversy In Waco. | LGG

Periscope was lit as 94 viewers talked conference expansion with us. | LGG

The Big 12’s most outspoken proponent of conference expansion.

The orange doesn’t seem very ‘burnt’ on the Texas helmet, but other than that, these fan-created helmets are pretty sharp.


Dale Earnhardt once cleaned his windshield while driving, which sounds far more impressive when you realize race cars don’t have windshield wipers!

Welp, another day, another movie I can’t wait to see.

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