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Report Shows Baylor’s Shawn Oakman Was Investigated For Domestic Violence In 2013

A police report has surfaced showing that Shawn Oakman was involved in an alleged domestic violence incident in 2013.

Getty Images - Cooper Neill

Shawn Oakman’s NFL Draft stock is falling faster than Baylor’s reputation. A police report uncovered by OrangeBloods’ Alex Dunlap shows that Oakman was investigated for domestic violence in 2013; while he was a member of the football team.

According to the report, police were called to the residence of Oakman’s ex-girlfriend on January 10th, 2013 at about 1:00 in the afternoon. The alleged victim, who’s name is withheld, told police that she and Oakman used to date and that he had come over to talk about their relationship. She claims they got into an argument after she asked that a female friend of Oakman’s to stop posting rude comments on her Instagram photos. She told police an argument ensued and he tried to hug her, which she rejected and asked him to leave. That’s when things allegedly turned violent.

“He then got angry and began to grab her by the arms, she said actually under her armpits, and then he shoved her into the brick walls and cabinets and all the stuff that she was unpacking. She said that she told him to stop and that he was hurting her. She said while she was curled up on the ground shaking, he picked her up and was calling her a slut and a whore, and that she would never be anything to him, and he was yelling in her face. She said he continued to shove her into things. She said her arms hurt and she said at one point, he shoved her face into the clutter that was on her bed.”

This latest news comes as Oakman is facing sexual assault charges for an alleged rape earlier this month, and as Baylor has come under fire for how they’ve handled a myriad of sexual assault claims over the last few years.

Of course, the alleged rape occurred after Oakman was out of school and is preparing for the NFL Draft, but in 2013, Oakman was very much a member of the football team. However, Alex Dunlap claims that Baylor knew of the alleged incident and decided to do nothing.

That is yet to be collaborated, though.

As far as what happened with the domestic violence investigation, it isn’t immediately clear how that came to an end, but it is noted in the report that the alleged victim did not wish to pursue charges, and said that the incident was “completely out of character” for Oakman.

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