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NCAA Rescinds Ban On Satellite Camps

Pack your bags, recruits. Satellite camps are back on!

Getty Images - Gregory Shamus

That didn’t take long. The NCAA announced today that the Division I Board of Directors has rescinded the controversial ban on the use of satellite camps. At least for now.

This is not an unexpected move. The ban, which was voted on and put into effect in early April, was met with staunch opposition. Coaches and pundits alike wondered if the ban was really in the best interests of the recruits, or if it was merely the SEC and ACC protecting their backyards.

Then last week, it was revealed that the ban shouldn’t have passed the vote to begin with. Two rogue Athletic Directors voted in favor of the ban when their respective conferences were against the ban as a whole. Had they voted in accordance with the majority of their conference, the vote would have failed.

The lifting of the ban is effective immediately. Meaning, coaches that had upcoming satellite camps planned, like the camps coach Art Briles and coach Matt Campbell had planned with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh in Texas in May, can still go on as scheduled. However, it is unclear which, if any, previously scheduled camps will still be held now that the ban is lifted.

Don’t expect the satellite camps to leave the headlines anytime soon, though. The Board of Directors has asked the council that implemented the ban to begin with to “conduct a broad assessment of the FBS recruiting environment”.

It would appear the SEC is not putting high hopes on that assessment. Just hours after the NCAA announced the repeal, the SEC announced that they have rescinded their own ban on satellite camps. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em…

With it officially being open season for satellite camps, it will be interesting to see how many other coaches follow in coach Harbaugh’s footsteps and take it to the extreme.

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