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The Grant Application S2 Ep1: Talking Big 12 Realignment

Christopher Lambert joins the show to talk Big 12 expansion.

The 2016 football season is just starting to appear on the horizon, which means it is time to launch season two of the Grant Application!

We decided to kick off-season two with what always dominates headlines this time of year. Much like every year for the past six years, the media finds a way to drum up Big 12 realignment as the perfect off-season fodder, and this year is no different. We have all heard it, ‘expand or get left behind’.

We turn to Christopher Lambert, otherwise known as “The Dude of WV”, to tap into his understanding of what the latest is behind the scenes of this dysfunctional conference, and its well-being for the long run. As someone who follows West Virginia closely, Chris brings unique insight to the expansion discussion. It is a fantastic listen.

We can’t thank Chris enough for coming on the show. Be sure to give him a follow on twitter @thedudeofWV.

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