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Headlines – May 3rd

Should the Big 12 expand, what is Baker Mayfield doing, and Iowa State gains a player while Oklahoma State loses one.

From Around The Big 12

Iowa State picked up some safety help from the ACC. | LGG

Oklahoma State’s top 2016 recruit failed to qualify academically. | LGG

A research analytics firm found it is in the Big 12’s best interest to expand. Much more to come on this later. | CBS Sports

Spring practices are over, but some questions remain. | ESPN

Words can’t fully explain this Baker Mayfield video. | LGG

Across The Nation

I would be surprised if coach Dantonio ever has a QB not be the team captain again. | NBC Sports

It seems obvious, but often gets overlooked for iconic logos and fancy locker rooms. Recruits, it would be a good idea to make sure a team’s scheme fits you before committing. | SB Nation

There’s some incredible tragic news out of Troy. DB Nathan Harris lost his life in a motorcycle accident. | NBC Sports

More details are emerging on the Bo Davis’ ‘resignation’ from Alabama. |


This headline… “OKC Shoves Back To Even Series” | Thunder Digest

This cannot be tolerated. You cannot have fans interfering in the game. Especially in the final seconds of a playoff game. Now, it looks like the fan was knocked down as Adams crashed into her, and you would hope that she inadvertently grabbed his arm in reaction to falling. However, intentional or not, you cannot have fans interfering. You just can’t. Do you really want refs deciding if fan interference is intentional or not?

‘From worst to first’ doesn’t even do justice to what Leicester City just did. They weren’t just bad last season, they were on-the-brink-of-being-kicked-from-the-league bad. Now, they are league champions thanks to a little help from Chelsea, and the team’s reaction as the Chelsea-Tottenham game came to a close is everything sports should be.

The fans’ reaction was pretty good as well.

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