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Headlines – May 4th

May the fourth be with you, lots of Big 12 expansion talk, and is Patrick Mahomes a terrible QB?

From Around The Big 12

Maybe bigger isn’t better. | Exponent Telegram

Then again, maybe it is. | Staking The Plains

Bob Bowlsby on where the Big 12 is in regards to expansion. | SportsDay

“A month from now, the University of Cincinnati could be in the Big 12 Conference.” (Um, no. Please no.) |

Apparently there are people out there that think Patrick Mahomes is a terrible quarterback. (those people are drunk) | Staking The Plains

Former Oklahoma State player Billy Bajema says he would have paid to be in the NCAA game. | Pistols Firing

Mason Rudolph could be a first round draft pick next year. | Pistols Firing

This Sooner hype video will make you wish it was August.

Across The Nation

Build your own conference. | Dallas Morning News

Nick Saban is still whining about satellite camps, but he must not be too worried about sportsmanship or unfair advantages. The Tide just scheduled a game against The Citadel in 2018, in mid NOVEMBER! It’s one thing to schedule a cupcake to warm up against. It’s entirely another to schedule that cupcake near the end of the year when you’re in mid-season form. Pathetic. | NBC Sports

May the fourth be with you!

How May 4th became ‘Star Wars Day’ | The Verge

This is hilarious.

There still plenty of Star Wars to come too.


Kevin Durant is listed at 6’9″. He tells women that he’s 7’0″, but according to him, he’s really 6’11”. What? | Wall Street Journal

PGA Golfer John Daly says he “wasted his talent”. | SB Nation

Quick, plug him back in, plug him back in!

Kyle Lowry hit a halfcourt buzzer-beater to send the Rapters-Heat game 1 to overtime, and it nearly took the life of Dwyane Wade.

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