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The Mayor of Houston on Season Opener Against Oklahoma, “We’ll win by 14”

Houston’s Mayor is very confident in the Cougars’ season opener against the Sooners.

Getty Images - Bob Levey

The University of Houston has made great strides on the football field over the last few years. So much so, Houston is one of the many schools rumored to be on the short list should the Big 12 decide to expand.

Houston wants in the conference so bad that the University Board of Regents chairman, Tilman Fetitta, said last year that he thought that the Texas state legislature should coerce the Big 12 into letting the Cougars join.

However, it would seem that not everyone in Houston is all that impressed with the conference. Or, at least one particular member: the reigning conference champions, the Oklahoma Sooners.

In an interview with University of Houston Magazine, Sylvester Turner, the Mayor of Houston, threw some major shade at the Sooners.

[bctt tweet=”The Mayor said Houston will beat Oklahoma by two to three touchdowns.” username=”the_LGG”]

Now, before we continue, we would be amiss if we didn’t consider the audience for which the quote is intended, but what is odd is that he wasn’t even asked about the game. He was simply asked if he has tickets for the 2016 season.

He went way, way out of his way to take a shot at OU, and an absurd score prediction isn’t even the worst of it.

From the article:

UH MAGAZINE: Athletics is definitely a pride point for UH right now considering the Cougar football team’s great 2015 season. Do you have your 2016 season tickets yet?

TURNER: I will be at the first game against Oklahoma. It should be a sell out at NRG Stadium considering what UH did this past season. For the Cougars to start out the season against a powerhouse like Oklahoma speaks to how far the program has come. We’ll win that one easily then move on. In this first game, I think we’ll win by 14 or possibly 21 points. Then, we’ll look for some stiffer competition.

Stiffer competition? From Cincinnati? Navy? Tulsa? Memphis?

Go home Mayor Turner, you’re drunk.

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