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Periscope 9 – Big 12 Expansion Strikes Back

Big 12 realignment talk is back in full force.

With the Big 12 brass meeting in Phoenix this week to discuss matters of state, I thought it would be a great chance to jump on Periscope and discuss.

As always, the interaction was great so thank you to all who participated. After more and more of these, I have tried to form more of a structure to the Periscopes. Meaning I have sections for questions on the topics discussed, to avoid stopping a train of thought and veering off into Never Never Land.

This edition covered the Big 12 expansion…again. Hey! It is the offseason. But this focused more on concrete information being released from the Big 12 meetings. The possibility of adding UCONN (eek!) and Cincinnati (what, you mean the Bengals?) into the conference have been floating around media circles over the week. Cons definitely outweighed the pros on those two but at the end of the day, this conference may have little choice.

Also the legalization of satellite camps over the weekend was covered. Thanks again Jim Harbaugh.

I was able to touch upon my thoughts on why the Big 12 is lacking in sending players into the NFL with last week’s draft. It is a topic I have felt strongly about over the past few years and will work on fleshing out my theories in article form in the coming weeks.

Again, thank you to everyone who watched or who will watch. Don’t forget to like, share or comment. I always prefer that you join live to help increase the fun but if you aren’t able too then always check it out on YouTube. Thanks again everyone!

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