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Grant Application

The Grant Application S2 Ep2 – Making The Case For UCF

Brandon Helwig joins the show to talk UCF and why they would be a good fit for the Big 12.

So, if you are not aware, there is a little bit of Big 12 expansion talk going around, and there are a handful of schools standing in line just in case that door opens. So, we begin a series of interviews to explore the names being dropped as potential candidates – How fitting in an election year.

We start with the UCF Knights. I’m going to go ahead and apologize to all UCF fans out there right now. I referred to UCF as their former nickname, the “Golden Knights”, on more than one occasion. That’s my mistake.

Now, on to business. Brandon Helwig, site publisher at Rivals’ UCF site, joins the show and he makes the case for the UCF Knights to join the Big 12. Now, it is up to you, the listener, to decide. What do you think of UCF? Stay tuned  in the coming weeks for more candidates to come.

Many thanks to Brandon for coming on the show.

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