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Periscope 10 – Oklahoma Infighting and Big 12 Expansion

We took to Periscope to talk about the news coming out of Norman and Big 12 expansion.

It was a stormy day in Oklahoma yesterday but that didn’t stop you guys for joining in and helping us have the highest viewed LGG Periscope to date!

On Monday, news dropped that the leadership at Oklahoma had differing opinions on the conference’s future. Most notably between Board of Regent members and OU president David Boren. There are apparently circles in leadership that want the conference to stay like it is, while other wish the conference would expand. Considering the rocky path this conference is on, the last thing you would want as an OU fan is a divided war room.

If I’m reading between the lines, I have to wonder if there is a group within the school that wants to leave the conference, and I talk about that in the broadcast.

Of course, this news was later updated Monday night with both the Board and Boren releasing statements of solidarity and assurance the goal is to improve the Big 12. Personally I don’t buy it, but time will certainly tell.

This topic naturally evolved into conference wide expansion. An interesting article on SBNation suggested the instead of the conference doing the usual and adding two teams – they should instead add 14! Schools like Air Force, Boise State, UCONN, Navy, etc to create a truly national conference with multiple divisions. A logistical nightmare no doubt, but the off-the-wall-ness of the idea intrigued me. It would surely remove the “reactive” tag of the Big 12 and morph it into “proactive.” Regardless it was an interesting read and topic to discuss.

Again this edition had over 130 viewers! It is so exciting to get our name out there and we can’t do it without your help. Thank you again so much for joining and be sure to tune in next time!

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