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QuickSlant Podcast S2 Ep1 – The Colorado State Wild Card

With Big 12 expansion everywhere you look, the QuickSlant Podcast takes a look at Colorado State.

Welcome back to the QuickSlant Podcast! We start by briefly discussing the news of the week which all seemed to focus on one specific word: expansion. Some familiar names were connected to the Big 12 discussion per the usual conjecture. However, the news that the Colorado State Rams are under serious consideration by the conference hit some with the surprise of a Canelo Alvarez haymaker.

Jeremy Mauss, from ESPN 960 Sports, ESPN 700 Sports and the Mountain West Connection, joins us as we discuss the current scenario in the Mountain West Conference. Jeremy goes in-depth regarding the possibility of the Colorado State Rams leaving their conference to join the Big 12, and what that could mean for both conferences down the road.

Our second guest, Gary Clark, is a Colorado state alum, booster, and fan. Gary has deep roots in the Rams community, and provides us with an inside look on how Rams fans feel about the possible opportunity to join the conference.

We want to thank Jeremy and Gary for joining us and providing us with great content and information about the Mountain West Conference and the Colorado State Rams.

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