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Discussing The 2016 Preseason AP Poll – Were TTU & WVU Slighted?

UCLA is overrated. West Virginia should have at least received votes. Those thoughts and more on the 2016 Preseason AP Poll.

AP Photo - Tony Gutierrez

The 2016 preseason AP Poll was released on Sunday, and four Big 12 teams made an appearance. We’re going to try something a bit different. Instead of being the one billionth outlet to post the list, we’re just going to give you our thoughts on it. We’ll have a little roundtable discussion each week, and I’ll post the highlights from our discussion. Afterall, if Twitter has taught us anything, the fun isn’t the list, it’s complaining about how bad it is.

3. Oklahoma
13. TCU
21. Oklahoma State
23. Baylor

Who was the biggest surprise on the poll?

BRADY TRANTHAM – Biggest surprise is the AP still has a love affair with UCLA. The Coaches poll ranks them at 24 and the AP ranks them at 16 — the biggest discrepancy between the polls for a team. Never been big on Mora, Jr. or UCLA for that matter.

ROBERT SPRADLEY – Washington at #14. Before you start yelling just let me explain. The Huskies were very young last year at some very important positions on offense, but by season’s end they seemed to put any doubts to rest by scoring seemingly at will. I get that head coach Chris Petersen has a ton of returning talent, with one of the best secondaries in the conference in tow. This is all complimented by an easy schedule to begin the season before back to back games against Stanford and Oregon. This all just reminds me of the preseason hype surrounding Arizona State just a season ago. In my opinion this ranking is just a bit high for a team that is one season away from making some serious noise.

Texas was the only other school to receive votes (12), is that a slight to West Virginia and Texas Tech?

ROBERT SPRADLEY – A slight against Texas Tech and WVU? I don’t think so. For the first time since Charlie Strong arrived the Longhorns have a ton of talent returning. These young Horns have a lot of potential. Until Texas Tech fields a defense and WVU gains perceived stability at the head coaching position, they’ll both continue to remain underrated.

CHRIS LAMBERT – There is more talent on WVU’s roster than at any time in the 125 years of Mountaineer football. They expect to win 9 or 10 games, and they have top 20 talent. They also have depth for the first time since they joined the Big 12. It all depends on Skyler Howard’s arm and Dana’s head.

The Mountaineers are currently favored in 8 of their games. If Dana doesn’t win at least 9 games he’s done at WVU.

Who’s on the list now that won’t be come the end of the year? And, who’s not on the list that will be?

BRADY TRANTHAM – I think Houston will fall off due to a loss to Oklahoma and the media/committee not giving them credit for beating their conference opponents. Wisconsin is due for a rebound, I’ll give them the benefit.

GRANT THOME – Georgia should not appear on the list by year’s end. Now granted the SEC East has no claim to a great division to begin with, so maybe the Bulldogs fatten up on wins. The Bulldogs were disappointment machine under Mark Richt, I cannot imagine that first year head coach Kirby Smart bucks reverses the fortunes in year one. Regardless, I like being able to consistently say Georgia’s overrated. Granted this team is listed in the ‘receiving votes’ category, but how can you count the smurfs from Boise Idaho out? The country will know soon enough in week two when the Broncos host Wazzu at home.

That’s it for this week. Give us your thoughts in the comments, and let us know what you think of the new format.

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