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Opinions You Disagree With

Opinions You Disagree With: Not Naming a Starting QB

“Which, is also why it’s wise to randomly start your back-up for some games. Really keeps the defensive coaches guessing.”

Welcome to a new feature on LGG where I share with you some opinions that we can all get behind before singing ‘Kumbaya’ and having a good laugh at the current state of politics in the US.
Just kidding. I’m here to trot out some takes that you probably disagree with so vehemently, you’ll end up yelling louder than your weird aunt on Facebook. — What about the troops, indeed, Aunt Helen. — But, maybe ease up on the caps lock a bit.

If you take issue with this opinion, or rather when, be sure to leave a comment with your stance on the issue. Be sure to back it up, and next week maybe one of my opinions will be how much smarter you are than I am.

Not Naming a Starting QB

As of this writing, Kansas and Texas were without an official starting quarterback. In both cases, we know who’s getting the nod, but neither starting coach is willing to concede that point.

In Austin, newcomer Shane Buechele is going to win the job over Senior Tyrone Swoopes. How do I know this? Besides understanding the basics of football and being the proud owner of reasonably well-functioning eyes? Swoopes sat behind a QB last season that was both less experienced and that’s now been moved to WR. Strike one. Texas brought in Sterlin Gilbert at Offensive Coordinator, whose offense likely needs a capable passer to operate effectively. Strike two. And, Strike three, ironically, is that we’d have already walked the bases full and injured a hot dog vendor by now if Swoopes were throwing.

Speaking of baseball, in Lawrence they’re looking for less of a starting QB and more of a long reliever to eat up time before basketball season starts. And Sophomore Ryan Willis will be that reliever. We’ve seen what Montell Cozart can do, and to say he’s had mixed results would be akin to saying Usain Bolt has had mixed results in his Olympic career, except, you know, the opposite.

Meanwhile, Willis started the last eight games of 2015 after Cozart went down with a shoulder injury, and would have retained the job without question if not set back by his own injury in the spring.

Conventional wisdom says that if a team doesn’t reveal their starting QB before game one, the other team will have a difficult time preparing for him. Which, is also why it’s wise to randomly start your back-up for some games. Really keeps the defensive coaches guessing. Sorry Baker Mayfield, that’s what they’re expecting.

And what about the confidence of the QB you finally land on? You’ve told him he’s pretty much even with the kid sitting behind him all offseason, now you expect him to play without constantly looking over his shoulder?

However, the real issue with keeping your starting QB a secret, of course, is not any of the ideas mentioned so far. We all know the primary benefit of being QB 1 is the boost you get with the ladies. If no one is named starter, no one gets to reap the benefits with the coeds. It’s like the movie character who throws the treasure off a cliff rather than let the villain have it.

Admittedly, that argument doesn’t hold up great in Lawrence, where saying you play for the football team gets about the same reaction as saying your handball team won intramurals. But, ignoring the obvious weaknesses with my point, as all great pundits do, we can all agree that quarterbacks should be named by August 1st, and girls in college towns should stop googling depth charts. Sincerely, the all-time leader in passing yards at whatever school I’m currently visiting.

Be sure to check back soon, because more opinions are coming sooner than Baker Mayfield can score with a coed.



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