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Opinions You Disagree With: Baylor Needs More Gin Blossoms

“In the immortal words of the late Gene Wilder: “you know… morons.””

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For many, a college football game itself isn’t a sufficient draw. Tailgating, family fun, and maybe an after party are all required to make the potentially hours long drive or flight on game day worth it. These are the same folks who start the wave in the 3rd quarter, lean into your lap to take a selfie, and bail well before the alma mater plays. In the immortal words of the late Gene Wilder: “you know… morons.”

Their money spends the same, however, so athletic departments across the country are trying to come up with gimmicks to part them from it. Here’s what those wacky folks down in Waco cooked up.

Baylor Needs More Gin Blossoms

Tell me do you think it’d be alright,
If the Gin Blossoms crashed your football game tonight?
They play before the team starts driving
And anyway they’ve got nowhere to go.

There’s been little to no good news coming out of Waco recently. That is until the administration found the heroes they needed, if not the ones they deserve. Get amped for the Tailgate Concert Series, which features a concert played just outside the stadium a couple of hours before kick-off. Last night, the Gin Blossoms! Followed by “TBA” for the rest of the schedule but, let’s be honest with each other, probably the Gin Blossoms a few more times.

This is a brilliant idea that more schools should institute. What do tailgating football fans want more than all but forgotten ’90s bands playing that one song you kind of remember and some other songs too? No, you’re being sarcastic.

Also, tremendous choice by Baylor to lead with the Gin Blossoms specifically. They could have booked Blues Traveler, or Sister Hazel, or The Wallflowers (no really all of those bands will pay you to let them perform), but they chose one that would have some meaning to the fan base.

From the Gin Blossom’s hit(?) “Follow You Down”:

Anywhere you go, I’ll follow you down
I’ll follow you down, but not that far.

I think after the past six months, Baylor fans can relate.



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