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Discussing The Week Two AP Poll – Texas Jumped How Many Spots?

Texas is way too high. Why did Oklahoma State fall? Those thoughts and more on the week two edition of the AP Poll.

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The AP Poll has released their week 2 Top 25, but then again, you already know that because everywhere you turn, someone has them posted. We decided to do something different this year. Instead of being yet another site to post the Top 25, we’re going to discuss what it got right, what it got wrong, and how we would change it.

We will provide some reference though, here’s how the Big 12 fared in the week 2 AP Poll.

11. Texas (PR Unranked)
14. Oklahoma (PR 3)
15. TCU (PR 13)
22. Oklahoma State (PR 21)
23. Baylor (PR 23)

Derek Morton – Noticing teams that are just way too high. Texas from unranked to 11? That’s just absurd. However, a ranked Texas team could potentially help OU if they can get their stuff together the rest of the way.

Robert Spradley – Derek chose the perfect word to describe the new AP poll, absurd. They’re definitely telling us they value marquee head-to-head match ups and will reward teams accordingly for winning these kind of games. But to place previously unranked Wisconsin at #10 after beating LSU and  previously unranked Texas at #11 after beating Notre Dame is a bit much. By that logic, I have to wonder how Houston didn’t jump up to at least the #4 spot after disposing of #3 Oklahoma.

Chris Ross – I don’t know if the poll was unfair to Houston. Who would you bump in front of them? And they did move up 9 spots in the Top 15. However, TCU and Oklahoma State dropping spots after a winning doesn’t bode well for Houston. If taking care of business against lesser opponents isn’t factored in, then the Coogs could slide out of the top 10 by the time they play Louisville.

Dylan Steen – First, I always find it funny that polls move teams up based on last week’s rankings and this effect is magnified early in the season. For example, based on the current rankings, Texas A&M went from unranked to 20th based on an overtime win at home over an unranked opponent.

It took Texas two OTs in front of their own crowd to dispatch the now 18th best team in the country, and that means they are an elite team, apparently.

Obviously, the writers don’t have the luxury of seeing where teams will fall to before submitting their own rankings, but how many of those writers simultaneously thought Texas should be heavily rewarded for a big win, while also thinking Notre Dame must have been severely overrated last week?

Second, TCU dropping two spots is nothing, but it bothers me so now I’m going to bother you about it.

The Horned Frogs won by three scores, but get dinged because they looked mediocre in defeating a FCS opponent. Never mind that it’s the 12th ranked FCS team, and probably deserves to be higher. (Eastern Washington jumped to number 8 after beating Wazzu.)

Meanwhile, West Virginia receives praise and started receiving votes this week, OK, vote this week, based off a pedestrian win over Missouri. The only real difference between opponents is the three letters that define each of them. Missouri is SEC, South Dakota State is FCS.

If any SEC fan boys are reading, cover your eyes with those glorious bangs of yours. Guess what? SDSU beats Missouri if they played this week.

Cameron Jourdan – Frankly, the AP poll is a worthless poll now with the CFP. If they don’t take the AP or coaches poll into effect when ranking teams for the playoff, why have them? The first five weeks of the poll are so stupid. We don’t know team’s true identities, nor do we know what a team will turnover from the last season. It’s a waste of time for everything. And it’s just for the media to influence college football. OSU drops a spot after dominating like they were supposed to, Texas jumps after barely squeaking by ND and jumps 21 spots. What? Nope, not buying it.

Steven Rodriguez – Personally, I don’t take these first few polls too seriously because we still don’t know who the best teams in CFB are. Is UT ranked too high? Maybe, but we still have no idea. I may be the odd one out here, but I think they were ranked fairly this week.

The reason teams like UT, Wisconsin, and A&M are getting so much love is because they all beat a top fifteen team. We will find out in the next few weeks whether or not these teams can actually make some noise this season. Unfortunately for Tech, OK State, and Baylor they played small schools that had no chance against them. It doesn’t matter that they creamed a team by 50 points.

What surprised me most was TCU. I thought they would have fallen farther. They let SDSU score 41 points on them!

Chris Ross – I do agree that it’s stupid to have poll this early. At least save them for after non-conference play. Well, the majority of it anyway since some conference need the week 12 ego boost. But hey, if the Big 12 opened up the season at .500, I’m sure they’d want a late ego boost too.

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